Serious trials await Europeans

At the same time, the possibilities of Scoop and Mordor are completely incomparable. Mordor and 1/10 Scoop does not pull. To give in to such weaklings having a powerful economy and a decent army, and in addition a bunch of allies behind their backs is insanity. Putting the Kremlin lads is not a problem, it is vulnerable and dependent. You only need to want to.

“Nothing is new under the moon and all the secret becomes apparent” – something like this is said in the Scriptures. Events in France fully confirm this common truth.

Is it the first time that the NKVD-KGB-FSB is shaking this country and trying to turn from a paradise of hedonism into the hell of Bolshevism. Didn’t the same thing happen in the 30s and 60s. Was it not then that the world Bolshevik filth put together a so-called popular front, dependent on Stalin, who surrendered to the Germans and the Soviets first Czechoslovakia, then Poland, and then France itself virtually without a fight. And didn’t the Communists, together with the left socialists, walk in front of the millionth column of leftists and anarchists along the Saint-Michel Boulevard in Paris in May 1968, leaving behind the ruins of burnt cars and broken windows.

And wasn’t Macron and his team sufficiently taught history to not know about these events?

They taught, of course, and they know, but bad luck, a false sense of security and invulnerability once again captured Europe so much that the lessons of the past again did not go in vain. Bacteria of destructive communist infection from Russia, backed up by completely capitalist financial resources, have spread so widely within the European organism that they pose a real threat to the European way of life, culture, values and welfare.

The constant pacification of the aggressor, the persuasion and the swaying of a finger led to a feeling of impunity and the desire to inflict maximum damage to the victim.

On the streets of Paris, other cities of France and some other countries, teams took part that had long been preparing for this. Leftists of all stripes, lumpen, criminal elements, professionals and instructors sent from Russia, organizedly took people to the streets first under the more or less innocent slogan of reducing the trifling excise tax on gasoline, and when the government and President Macron took this step out of foolishness and stupidity, they immediately new pre-prepared slogans have appeared, among which are the resignation of power, the withdrawal from the EU and NATO, the demands of economic reforms, under which lies hiding economic populism and others.

Naturally, pogroms began, helpful journalists and television cameras recorded “police atrocities” that detained the pogroms, Russian speech sprinkled on the streets sounded with mats, Russian patriotic waltzes from the Russo-Japanese War, Russian flags, DNR rags, well, who doubted that before that will come very quickly. Except the French government, of course.

In neighboring Italy, this is not necessary. There, the most influential minister of the government of Salvini brings tens of thousands of people to a rally, where the second in the number of flags after Italian goes to Russia.

The demonstrators put on balaclavas, characteristic jackets with hoods, waved the same flags and similar posters, beat the windows and run on command, in the crowd of yellow vests here and there flicker red that clearly coordinate this performance.

In general, the situation is alarming. Under it was clearly started a provocation in the Sea of Azov and a willingness to invade under a favorable set of circumstances. Fortunately, we were ready for this, and the introduction of martial law, contrary to Putin’s bastards from the Verkhovna Rada, somewhat cooled off hot heads in the Kremlin.

However, it is still very, very serious. Serious trials await Europeans if they do not realize the depth and causes of the problem.

And we just have nowhere to retreat. We will either win or perish. And in this paradigm the guarantee of our victory.

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