Italian mercenaries in the Donbass

InformNapalm publishes a translation of an article by Foreign Fighter Italiani on Italian mercenaries in the Donbass, among which are militants previously recorded in exclusive materials from our community.

This news should make us Italians think about the war that Ukrainians are forced to wage, countering Russian aggression, given the fact that our country is in the forefront of those who advocate the lifting of economic sanctions against Russia. Russian propaganda has taken root in Italy like no other European country, making Donbass terrorists almost heroes.

Reassuring their own conscience, Italians believe that this problem does not concern them, that the Russians and Ukrainians are just two Slavic peoples killing each other, who have violence in the blood. But Italians should be aware that among these militants there are many Italic mercenaries who kill for money, and not for ideals.

Mercenaries of this kind are a criminal offense in Italy, but the Italian prosecutors are not very concerned about these militants. You might think that they are difficult to identify, that this is the work of the special services, and for this reason the Italian judicial system should not intervene for now. But this is not so: certainly, there are a number of mercenaries who avoid social networks and unwanted advertising, but there are also such mercenaries who openly defy Italian justice, publicizing themselves in social networks or giving interviews with military weapons and camouflage directly from the front .

A small search on the Internet and various social networks is enough to make sure that there are enough Italian Rambos, a few of which we will introduce you to in this article:

We have provided a list of only some Italians who kill for money. Others, a little smarter, stay away from social networks and telephoto lenses. According to some reports, it can be argued that about 40 Italians-killers are fighting in the territory of Donbass. Italy’s adherence to Putin’s regime by virtue of mercantile economic interests allows all these characters not to be afraid of persecution by the Italian prosecutors.

The question remains open that these characters can be dormant cells of terror in Europe to support Russia in the future, as the German special services have already suggested, which, in turn, requires maximum effort from the Italian security structures to prevent possible terror.

In addition to political and international security issues, we are dealing with a moral problem, especially for those families who are in contact with Ukrainian reality through Ukrainians employed in Italy. Whenever Italy supports Russia, do not forget to look in the eyes of those women who look after your loved ones and think about the fact that you support those who pull the trigger against their sons.

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