European Immigration

Russians launder money in Cyprus and Malta

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that wealthy Russians were involved in laundering large sums of money in Cyprus…

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Operation Repatriation 2.0 Export of compatriots

Those born after February 6, 1992, non-citizens of Latvia and Estonia will be allowed to enter Russia without a visa.…

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Repatriation of degenerate emigrants

On Facebook, an interesting story is given of a Russian American who talks about degenerate emigrants living in the USA…

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How a German family raked Russian freedom

The German magazine Focus told its readers a funny story. There was a big friendly, but alternatively gifted family of…

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Vata lights in Germany

The first aggressive rallies of the “Russian world” began in Germany Fanatics of the Putin regime organize actions in German…

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Vata, entrenched in Greece, is indignant and quietly pisses in his pants

Greek separatist preparing for detention on suspicion of supporting terrorism in Ukraine Vata, entrenched in Greece, is indignant and quietly…

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Fictional rape girl, real 500 euro bitch and assholes

The real name of this “Victoria Schmidt” is Natalya, she really lives in Hanover and is engaged in helping Russian…

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The first group of asylum seekers deported to Russia

Applications for asylum seekers arriving from Russia to Finland via Raja-Jooseppi are considered first. Police on Friday evening reported the…

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Merkel urged to leave with migrants

The leader of the Alternative for Germany party, Frauke Petry, called for the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The political…

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Hungary began construction of a fence on the border with Serbia

Hungary began construction of the first fence on the southern border with Serbia to stop an unprecedented flow of migrants.…

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