European Immigration

Greece swept a wave of illegal immigration

Illegals from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Africa landed on the Greek coast more and more. They come here from Turkey. But…

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Iraqi refugees in Sweden

Sweden is one of the EU countries that has agreed to host refugees from Iraq. It all started well, but…

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Moldavians rush to Europe

In Moldova, the issuance of Schengen visas began under the new rules in accordance with the Agreement on the simplification…

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Refugees in Europe

300 thousand applications for refugee status: so much is now in total under consideration by European countries. How does the…

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Mafia at the door of the European Union

The other day, colleagues from The Sun surprised, announcing to their readers that starting from the new year, the EU…

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Russian cultural autonomy in Europe?

An international conference “Cultural Autonomy for National Minorities” was held in Riga, organized by the European Parliamentary Faction of Greens…

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EU creates special forces to combat illegal immigrants

The European Commission intends to consider a package of proposals on the organization of the Frontex border rapid response service…

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EU countries have 20 million migrants

In the countries of the European Union there are up to 20 million migrants. These data are presented in a special…

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For which our people are beaten in the British Isles: “There are just too many of you”

The center of anti-immigrant unrest this week was the city of Ulster – the former main arena of intra-Ireland showdowns.…

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Europe introduces American-style residence permit

The European Commission approved a project to introduce a system similar to the US residency system. If all EU member…

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