Czech Republic apologizes to Bulgaria for Turkish toilets

The Czech Presidency of the EU on Thursday made an official apology to Sofia for the incorrect image of Bulgaria on the Entropa installation installed on the EU Council building in Brussels. The Czech vice-premier Alexander Vondra expressed his readiness to remove the Bulgarian part from the mosaic that got scandalous fame:

“This is not an expression of the views of the Czech leadership, the EU leadership or any member of the European Union. Entropa is a kind of provocation. I understand that someone may feel insult because of this, and I want to apologize to them. ”

Prague entrusted the installation to Czech sculptor David Černý and was confident that artists from 27 EU countries would be involved. However, Cerny managed on his own and presented stereotypical images of EU states in a grotesque way:

“I’m serious, that is, we seriously thought that it would be taken as a joke, as a good work of art, as an interesting installation, and nothing more, so I don’t feel much success when we say that part of the sculpture needs to be removed. I would very much like to see it as a whole. ”

There are a number of controversial components in the work – Germany is represented in the form of a cluster of autobahns resembling a twisted swastika, Denmark is a caricature of the prophet Muhammad from the Lego constructor, and Bulgaria is filled with Turkish toilets, which, according to the author’s intention, should hint that it has long been was part of the Ottoman Empire. We are not talking about removing the installation altogether.

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