German and Belgian NATO soldiers arrive in Lithuania

The first units of the Bundeswehr soldiers and the Belgian army, arrived in Lithuania with equipment, will be part of the NATO battalion under the command of Germany.

The arrival of the German contingent was planned the day before, but this was prevented by non-flying weather conditions. In the coming days, soldiers from the Federal Republic of Germany will decide primarily logistics issues at the military base in Rukla. In total, about half a thousand Bundeswehr soldiers should serve in Lithuania.

Shortly before the German military, about 30 military men from Belgium arrived at the Lithuanian Palanga airport, and a ship with Belgian military equipment arrived at the port of Klaipeda.

At the July summit, the North Atlantic Alliance decided to transfer NATO forces to the eastern flank to the Baltic countries and Poland as a guarantee of their security against the background of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Germany will command the NATO Allied International Battalion in Lithuania, with a total strength of about 1,200. The US will command in Poland, the British in Estonia, and the Canadians in Latvia.

January 10 began the transit through Germany to Poland of military equipment and personnel of the American armored brigade.

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