Economic and Social Committee

The Economic and Social Committee is an advisory body to the EU. Established in accordance with the Treaty of Rome.

  • Functions. Advises the Council and the Commission on the socio-economic policy of the EU. Represents various sectors of the economy and social groups (employers, employees and free professions employed in industry, agriculture, the service sector, as well as representatives of public organizations).
  • Composition. It consists of 222 members called advisers (24 representatives from France, Germany, Italy and the UK, 21 from Spain, 12 from Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Austria, 9 from Denmark, Ireland and Finland , 6 – from Luxembourg).

Members of the Committee are appointed by the Council by unanimous decision for a period of 4 years. The Committee selects from among its members a Chairperson for a period of 2 years. After the admission of new states to the EU, the size of the Committee will not exceed 350 people.

Venue of meetings. The committee meets once a month in Brussels.

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