Welcome to Europe. Welcome to the Paris Caliphate!

It is necessary to remember one factor or phenomenon, which may already in the foreseeable future change the whole course of social processes, both in Europe and in Ukraine, if it is integrated into the European space. We are talking about the “Islamization” of Europe. In large European cities, there are entire Muslim areas. Even with the size of an ethnic community of 10% of the total population of a city or country, there can be no question of assimilation.

Thus, Muslim communities live by their own laws, not mingling with the European population, gradually increasing their numbers, while reducing the number of Europeans. One of the leaders of the extremist Islamic movement said: “Our main weapon is the bosom of our women.”

In addition to Muslims, there are other diasporas that also prefer compact living, isolation of inner life, following their own customs, etc. But they do not show a special desire to actively influence political and social processes in the countries of residence. Muslim communities do not behave this way. They are more active, aggressive and, so to speak, passionate. They are already trying to impose their principles and concepts on the states and ethnic groups among which they live. An example is the mass protests of Muslim youth in France against the law prohibiting the demonstrative use of religious paraphernalia in general educational institutions. Christians and followers of Judaism took the law for granted, since France is a secular state. But Muslims – no! They put their religious institutions above the laws and customs of the state. It would seem that there are many states in which the norms of Islam are legalized and where people live according to Muslim customs. But no, they want France and other European countries to live by these laws. In their requirements, they appeal to concepts such as democracy, human rights, etc. But the inner life of these communities is absolutely totalitarian, and there is no sign of democracy there.

Recently, the suburbs of Paris and other French cities were seized by the riot of Muslim youth, which was of the most barbaric, wild and destructive nature, which spread to Belgium and partially to Germany. What served as the detonator of this explosion? Two thieves, running away from the police, climbed into a transformer box and were killed by electric shock. Are you sorry for them? Of course, sorry, human life is priceless. This is a huge tragedy for their parents, for friends and relatives. But why do we need to burn cars of not very wealthy French (for wealthy and powerful people, cars are in underground garages and other inaccessible, guarded places)? Why is it necessary to burn schools, kindergartens, break the windows of Christian churches? In addition, as it turned out, the police did not chase teenagers.

Who did all this? These are young immigrants from Muslim countries in the second and third generation. Why did not their fathers rebel? And they were not up to it. They came to a foreign country, they had to survive, take root, take on any work, feed themselves and their children. Now, when the state has provided former emigrants with social housing, benefits, free municipal schools, when starvation is not threatened, there is time to think – why should we follow French laws and customs, and not ours? We are the same citizens of France – young Muslims think.

Now let’s try to solve a small example from arithmetic for the second class. 100 young French and 100 young French women get married, in total 100 married couples turn out. At one time, they have one child born, one with a boy, one with a girl. On this they are limited. It is time for grown children to marry. Now 50 couples are already getting, they will also have an average of one child per family. When the time comes for the children to marry, there will be 25 pairs. You can not continue further.

Similarly, 100 Muslim couples who marry will have children in their lifetime. Only there will be not one at a time, like the French, but six – eight, on average. Further, if anyone is interested, you can calculate how many years Europeans will turn into minorities in their countries. In one of her articles, the famous writer Dina Rubina writes:

“Europe still exists, but it is being reborn. This does not mean that everything will surely turn into terror, exploding trains or planes. But today’s reality is only eight Germans sitting in the classroom of some Hanoverian school among forty students. The rest are Arabs. A frighteningly disturbing reality is the endless number of white or black Islamic shawls in the city of Rotterdam, whose population is almost 80% composed of people from Arab countries. France has long been under the heel of Islam. Moreover, she already gives birth to children from Islam. “Islamic organizations openly proclaim that England will fall next.”

The European Union, recently, in the interests of the so-called political correctness, excludes from its official documents any mention that European civilization is built on Christian values.

Recently, the media reported on the trial in one of the courts of London in the case of a certain airport employee, whom the administration forbade wearing a cross in order not to annoy Muslims. At the same time, Muslim women working there openly wear their hijabs. Someone would try to forbid it to them! Wow! Let’s integrate into Europe, let our great-granddaughters wear hijabs, and great-grandchildren perform prayers.

Let’s integrate into Europe. Welcome to the Paris Caliphate!

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