Daria Zhukova: from Marat Safin to Roman Abramovich

Born in 1983 in Moscow. Soon after her birth, her parents – Elena Zhukova and Alexander Radkin (Zhukov) – divorced. After the divorce, Elena Zhukova took her daughter to the United States, where they settled in Santa Barbara.

At the age of 16, Dasha accepted the offer of her father, by then a British citizen, and moved to live and study in England. He is currently studying at the London Institute of Naturopathy as a homeopath. They also say that she has her own business: with her friend, the daughter of London millionaire Kristina Tang, they launched the production of their own brand of jeans. Leads an active social life.

For a long time, Dasha was considered the bride of tennis player Marat Safin, until in February 2005, at a party after the Chelsea match in Barcelona, she met Roman Abramovich. Since then, she has constantly accompanied the oligarch at meetings and events.

Dasha is a representative of the “golden youth”. Her father, oil and banking tycoon Alexander Zhukov, is the founder of the once-famous Synthesis Oil company.

According to the Ukrainian media group “Tomorrow”, his real name is Alexander Shayyaborhovich Radkin, and while still married he took his wife’s surname. Born in Moscow in 1954, graduated from Moscow State University, in 1987 organized a co-op “Byte”, which later joined the Synthesis Corporation joint venture. At one time, he spent six months in Turin prison (he was involved in the case of arms smuggling), after a lengthy trial he was found not guilty. Shortly before his arrest, Alexander Zhukov received British citizenship. According to some media reports, the former head of the English representative office of the Sintez oil company now also has interests in the banking and steel industries.

He owns in addition to the house in New York, the apartment house York House in Kensington in West London, in Moscow the family owns a house on Rublevka. In London, Dasha lives in her own penthouse in a house that also belongs to her father.

According to rumors, it was an affair with Daria Zhukova that caused the divorce of Roman Abramovich with his wife Irina, with whom the oligarch has five children and 15 years of marriage together.

5 facts about Dasha Zhukova:

Dasha Zhukova is the owner of a fashion brand. The Kova & T brand was created by two friends: Dasha Zhukova and Kristina Tang. Clothing of this brand has already gained popularity in the West, it is sold in 83 stores around the world. In Moscow, it can be found on the third floor of the Central Department Store. Among the star fans of Kova & T are such fashionistas as the Olsen sisters, Drew Barrymore and Misha Barton, Ksenia Sobchak and Svetlana Bondarchuk. According to Zhukova herself, Kova & T is a clothing brand that combines chic with everyday life.
Dasha Zhukova is engaged in charity work. She supports the Russian Life Line charity program. Twice a year, money from the sale of Kova & T branded bags goes to the fund for helping seriously ill children. The Life Line program pays not only for operations, but also helps in acquiring special devices, the use of which can help children recover.
Dasha Zhukova is a student at the school of alternative medicine, although she admits that this is unlikely to be her profession. In an interview with LOfficiel magazine, she stated that her “activities are more likely for herself, family, friends.” She also noted that she never expected to connect her life with the fashion industry.
Dasha owns not only the clothing brand, but also the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. It is planned that soon the Garage will present to the public samples of Western and Russian art from the post-war period. In addition, the plans include a permanent museum exposition, as well as lectures and master classes for adults and children.
Dasha Zhukova loves sweets very much. According to her admission, she also cooks well, for example, the Napoleon cake. Nevertheless, despite the love of culinary delights, she manages to maintain a magnificent figure.

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