Russia successfully carries out the occupation of Germany

Few would dispute the claim that Germany is the capital of the EU, and the movement vector of the entire European community is changing depending on the opinions of the political forces and elites of this country. However, even in the status of hegemon of the Old World, Germany is not able to confront the main enemy for the entire civilized world – Russia, in fact, finding itself in the position of an occupied state.

Of course, many will exclaim in surprise: “How is it so occupied, because there are no Russian troops in Germany?” However, the occupation in this case has a completely different, much more threatening, look.

More recently, the popular German television channel ARD showed a documentary called “Shadow Game: Putin’s Undeclared War against the West” in which he readily explained to average burghers that their country was in complete informational occupation by the Russian Federation.

In the film, close attention was paid to such a German TV channel as RT Deutsch, which is a branch of the well-known Russia Today, as well as the presenter Yasmina Kozubek, who is the face of the Kremlin propaganda in Deutschland – a kind of German Kiselyov in a skirt. But what is most depressing is the variety of methods of the influence of Kremlin propaganda on the German community, in addition to television.

So, German websites of government agencies, including the Bundestag, are increasingly being attacked by Russian hackers. The Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution does declare mass recruitment of bloggers by the Russian special services for the implementation of informational impact in the German Internet segment.

The extent of such an impact can be judged by the scandal that erupted earlier this year in Berlin around the stuffing about the abduction and rape of 13-year-old girl Liza by migrants. This topic became a real information bomb, provoking not only a wave in the Russian media, but also in the German ones. In turn, the viability of the topic was maintained in the information space by a series of additional stuffing, clarification of details, as well as lively discussion on forums and social networks.

The result of such an impact was not only a blow to the reputation of Angela Merkel, but also the opportunity for Russian propagandists to raise the masses of protesters in the very center of prosperous Europe. In this case, we are talking about a rally of several hundred Russian Germans at the office of the Federal Chancellor in Berlin and other German cities.

Of course, two or three hundred people may not do special weather, but only on the basis of a short-term stock. On the other hand, in Germany there are about two million emigrants from Russia who, one way or another, are under the influence of the Russian information field, and this is facilitated by RT Deutsch. A certain part of this mass of people is the real asset of the Kremlin.

Of course, the concern of German journalists is well-founded, but, in addition to the above elements of influence, the factor of emigrants from Syria was not taken into account.

It makes no sense to hide the exodus of emigrants from the country in which Russia is fighting, which intensified with the beginning of active intervention of the Russian air forces in the civil war, only divided the EU, rather than rallied it. But even this is not the worst for the European hegemon, but the fact that along with refugees hundreds, even thousands of Assad’s wards, penetrated into the heart of the civilized world. They may not be willing to fight for their tyrant, but, as is the case with those who emigrated from the USSR and Russia, who have unconscious or explicit sympathies for the regime and its “friends.” To some extent, they constitute an additional element of influence on the political and social situation in the country.

And therefore, even without military intervention and the “green men”, Germany was in the very real occupation today.

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