Miss Universe 2006: The most beautiful girls of the Universe gathered in one place

Today the name of the next beauty of the planet will be determined. 20 applicants will dispute the right to get the crown of the winner of the Miss Universe 2006 contest. Only twenty beauties will meet in the finals, their names of the finalists are kept secret until the start of the show. Traditionally, the winner will be determined by the results of three competitions – showing swimwear and evening dresses, and interviews.

All participants in the Miss Universe 2006 contest in Los Angeles are lined up in front of camera lenses.

Ukraine in this competition will be represented by Inna Tsymbalyuk.

Miss Universe 2006 - Swimsuit Competition
Miss Universe 2006 – Swimsuit Competition

“Miss Universe 2006”: what beauties wear

Russia at the international competition is represented by Anna Litvinova, a linguist from Novokuznetsk. According to the press, the Russian woman is fluent in English and French. It is known that Anna, for her performance at one of the stages of the competition – “National Costume”, chose a dress from the regular participant of Russian Fashion Week, designer Daria Razumikhina. It is made from unique fabrics using favorite designer ribbons and lace.

The representative of the United States at the world beauty contest was the 20-year-old Tara Elizabeth Conner. Conner is a student, model, and waitress. She began participating in beauty contests when she was four years old, and at age 13, she became the beauty queen among teens in Russell County. Tara loves sports – she likes golf, parachuting, jet skiing, rock climbing.

In the Miss Universe finale, Tara Elizabeth Conner promised to appear in a low-necked iridescent pink dress with a puffed bottom from young designers Kane Gillespie and Robert Best, participants in the television project “Design:” Catwalk “nominated for an Emmy. Creating an outfit specifically for” the American fashion symbol, “as the creators called Conner, the program was one of the assignments for the participants of the reality show. The finale of the Miss Universe 2006 contest will be broadcast live by the NBC American television channel.

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