How a German family raked Russian freedom

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The German magazine Focus told its readers a funny story.

There was a big friendly, but alternatively gifted family of eight people in Germany named Griesbach. All family members were born in a different country than they would like.

And I would like them to be born in Russia. Because in Germany there is no freedom, but there is continuous geyropeyskogo debauchery, licentiousness and most importantly – the total suppression of citizens’ rights.

In Germany, for you to know, they teach sex education in schools, and the Griesbachs knew from the Russian television programs that in Russia there is not only such filth, but they are also struggling with it.

In Germany, too, children are tormented by vaccinations, and Griesbachs were supporters of “natural immunity” and knew very well that vaccines kill children. And they also knew that in Russia they would find many like-minded people about vaccinations and the number of these like-minded people is growing every day.

Also, Griesbachs were opponents of tolerance for refugees, and from the broadcasts of Russian television and communication with Russian friends they knew that the word “tolerance” in Russia is an abusive word.

And when they learned from Russian programs that they would soon expel all Germans from work in order to give their jobs to migrants, they began to go to all rallies against the dominance of refugees. Actively walked with the whole family, leaving the kids in the house alone. The authorities learned about this and threatened to withdraw the children if this disgrace does not stop.

And then my grandmother rushed for help and advice to the main mentors – LifeNews Channel. What they agreed there and what they advised – I will not fantasize, I did not hold a candle.

But according to the results of the “negotiations” between Grisbach and Laifnius, this heart-breaking material appeared.

And the truth is written there, Griesbachs really fled from the “dictatorship of Germany” to “Free Russia”. It is not written only what happened afterwards.

And then there was this. Russian immigration officials turned a finger at the temple and explained that disagreeing with vaccines could not serve as a reason for granting political asylum.

For seven months, Griesbachs tried to starve the Russian authorities, telling how they love Russia and personally Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and how they want to live in a happy and free Russia, in which people can easily go to rallies without fear that they will be deprived of their children . Immigration officials just twisted a finger at the temple.

The Grisbachs ran out of money. They moved from the hotel to their minibus, but did not give up.

Unfortunately, by the time they ran out of money, the immigration authorities had run out of patience.

At the time of publication of this material, the Grisbach family, who came to Russia for freedom, was deported from the country.

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