Supermodel for the oligarch

Famous beauty and no less famous brawler Naomi Campbell seems to have found a suitable pair. Active rumors that the 38-year-old model is dating the 46-year-old Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin are not only not refuted: according to the information of people close to this pair, the international “duet” is going to tie their ties to a legal marriage soon.

She met Vladislav Naomi in February 2008, but more often they went out together only in June, after the Cannes Film Festival. After the first shots of Naomi, along with a handsome man on vacation in the area of ​​the island of Capri, Doronin was initially mistaken for the Brazilian millionaire Marcus Elias. However, in May the situation cleared up. Soon, all the closest people to the fashion model were able to attend the Doronin luxury yacht in St. Tropez, where the businessman threw a chic party for his new girlfriend in honor of the end of her sentence for scandal at London Heathrow airport.

Since then, the star couple has often been seen together. In particular, Vlad and Naomi attended a dinner party in London in honor of the 90th anniversary of Nelson Mandela, where Doronin tried to buy a beloved bronze figurine in the shape of the hand of an African leader. According to witnesses, during an auction held by famous Hollywood actor and singer Will Smith, the price of a lot jumped to £ 1.7 million, but Naomi suddenly whispered to her companion to stop. In her opinion, it was prudent to donate such an amount directly to the Nelson Mandela Charity Fund.

Despite the fact that Vladislav Doronin does not officially comment on personal life, the friends of both lovers confidently confirm the fact of the feeling between them, adding that Naomi herself recently discussed the upcoming marriage in one of the restaurants in Sardinia. There, Naomi said, “This time I will marry! Vladi is a person who suits me very much. ” It is worth noting that more recently, Naomi announced that she was desperate to find a decent man in her companions. In an interview with reporters, the star admitted that she was even ready to turn to the help of artificial insemination in order to fulfill her dream and have children, even if they do not have a real father. In the spring, Campbell even sought medical help and made a difficult operation to be able to conceive a child.

Indeed, Naomi loves influential and wealthy men. The beauty has an affair with the owner of Formula 1 Flavio Briatore, actor Robert de Niro, Arab sheikhs and a couple of Russian oligarchs (according to rumors, Campbell was not indifferent to the courtship of Umar Dzhabrailov and Rustam Tariko). But the last few months in the tabloids regularly appear photos of the “black panther” in the company of Doronin. Moreover, a couple, as a rule, are captured in the most romantic perspectives.

Naomi Campbell was born on May 22, 1970 in England. Her childhood was like the childhood of many children whose parents soon separated. As a teenager, she experienced a breakdown of her parents, which in fact influenced the formation of the main features of Naomi’s future character: pride, self-confidence and perseverance. She early became an adult and independent. The appearance on the doorstep of the house of a new pope did not cause any positive emotions in her, except for outbreaks of aggression against her stepfather. Further difficult relations with him influenced the further formation of Naomi as a person.

Almost all conversations with the stepfather ended in a family scandal. Conversations with mom that she had a new dad, and she somehow must come to terms with this did not lead to anything. Naomi from childhood was categorical and stubborn. She did not stop proving to all homeworkers that she was adult at her 10 years old and was doing everything right. By the way, she developed a similar type of behavior in school: a scandal in the classroom was ensured if she suddenly did not like something.

This went on until Naomi Campbell was fifteen. To avoid unnecessary quarrels at home, the girl after school walked for a long time along the streets, parks and squares of the city. There was an episode that changed her life dramatically. Not far from the school in one of the parks, an employee of the Elite agency saw a dark-skinned and at the same time bright girl, like a tropical flower, and invited her to the casting. For the future model, casting was not easy. But strength and strong-willed character allowed her to successfully pass him and become a supermodel of the Elite agency, despite her teenage years. The time of fruitful work began. Naomi’s exotic beauty soon appeared on the covers of French and English magazines, which previously posted materials only with fair-skinned beauties of the fashion world. The modeling business then enthusiastically recognized that the black model Naomi Campbell was the number one model in the world.

This joyful event was appreciated in its own way by Naomi herself. She felt the moment when she truly became an adult and was able to leave her parents in order to live and work independently. All her family came to see off to Paris for the first photo shoot in her life, in which, oddly enough, consent and peace reigned. All reproaches, scandals and slamming the door were forgotten. Calculating Naomi behaved at the highest level, if only her parents would not forbid her to fly to Paris in 1985.

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