Malta’s Representative for Eurovision 2008 with the song VODKA

Morena is Malta’s represetitive for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the song – “VODKA”.

She is 23…
She has been described as the “Mediterranean Volcano”…
She has got one of the most particular voices in Malta, and she sings anything from rock to progressive pop…

“SPY 1 to SPY 4…… I’ve deciphered the code”…

This dynamic singer hails from Gozo, and has swept through the local music scene like a tornado, winning some of the most prestigious festivals, which include Festival Kanzunetta Maltija and being awarded Palma Tad- Deheb (Golden Palm Award) for her achievements. Relatively new to the music scene, she has always been highly interested in singing ever since she was a little girl and danced in front of the mirror with a broomstick. Coached by her elder sister Georgina, who is a soprano, she slowly but surely began to develop her vocal talent. Once she was 18 she became the lead singer of the band Spectrum, and is still their front liner till this very day.

In 2006, she was offered to sing in a duet with Paul Giordimiana. The song was called “Time”, and this was Morena’s first taste of the Malta song for Europe festival. She placed 9th, but soon realised she was not about to give up on winning the golden ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest. “Hurricane Morena” would be back!

Meanwhile she took part in several TV shows, and continued her collaboration with well known composer/producer Philip Vella, with whom she had worked in the past.

In the last year, she also met Gerard James Borg who immediately was very impressed by Morena, and the successful songwriting duo decided to invest their time and energy in the “Mediterranean Volcano”. VODKA, was the result of one of their works, and soon enough Morena was recording in the studios.

VODKA video clip – The first details

For the last week the Maltese representative for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest – Morena – has been busy shooting the video clip for the song VODKA. Filming is nearing an end with the very last, and perhaps most spectacular scene, being shot next Tuesday.

Loyal to the song’s story line, we will see Morena as the international spy whose mission is to decipher an important code which everybody is after. However, it will not be a path of roses for the sexy secret agent with the sensual Mediterranean looks. She has to filter inside the headquarters of one of the world’s most dangerous organizations to get what she wants. Using a combination of charm, wit, and athletic skills she finally manages to gain access, and aided by high-tech sophisticated gadgets she finds out the secret word – VODKA.

The opening scene promises to be a high-tension rollercoaster where Morena – now in possession of the word that could stop her assassins from irrevocably unbalancing and controlling the world’s most wanted micro-chip files – manages to discover the code. However, she has to get back alive with the encryption machine and this won’t be easy. Svenka Ovva head of the most dangerous criminal organizations– has put her most dangerous hit-men after Spy 1!

Quite a number of extras and stunt people have been cast in various roles, whilst Morena has been undergoing some specific training, as she insisted she wanted to try out most of the stunts herself. Production team were initially concerned but the Maltese singer agreed on getting abseiling lessons only a few days prior to filming.

The video clip will show us two sides of the Vodka Girl. One where she is busy in action, and one where she is her glamorous, yet dynamic self!

For more information visit Morena’s personal blog, and check out how she is living this experience. Morena has included some exclusive photos for her fans.

VODKA – Video clip and Website

The video clip for the Maltese entry “VODKA”, has been launched today during an Exclusive Premiere party at the Eden Century Cinema. All the cast and team involved in the production, including the composer Philip Vella, lyricist Gerard James Borg, and members of the local and international press were present.

Directed by Mark Vassallo from “WE”, the video was shot in the last days and shows Morena as the sensual, international spy who manages to filter through the head quarters of a criminal organization and break the code – VODKA. In this fast-paced video, peppered with stunts and action, explosions, and high-tech gadgets, we see Morena flirting with danger, and manoeuvring her way through a series of twists. Morena, proved to be not only a good singer, but also a daring athlete!

The video clip will be on line in the next hours.

The new Eurovision version of VODKA was remixed and mastered in one of the best studios in Stockholm by Ronny Lahti (Roxette/Europe). Aboard the production team was composer/producer Philip Vella, Sean Vella, and Thomas G:son.

International fans and journalists can now listen to VODKA and are invited to communicate with Morena via her Official website which is being launched simultaneously with the VODKA video clip. Apart from listening to the 2008 Maltese entry one can also listen to the club mix, and to “Casanova” – Morena’s 2nd entry in the Malta Song for Europe.

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