Only russian suckers and rogues go to the disfigured Crimea

I would very much like for the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrozi, who visited the annexed Crimea a few months ago and signed a letter of intent with the Yalta’s leadership, to be shown a video of police beating a deputy of the Alushta City Council. It is not necessary to tell the mayor what political views this person adheres to, who supported the occupation of his region and acted as a servant of Russian propagandists. We should not show this video for the sake of gloating – but in order for Mr. Estrosi to understand the true role of local self-government in Crimea.

The cities of the Cote d’Azur – namely, this region of France since the time of the Russian Empire has been trying to imitate the southern coast of Crimea – are also led by people of different political views. Often completely disgusting. But these people are one with the population of their cities and towns. And with law enforcement too. It would never occur to a French policeman to beat a local deputy who decides to talk with voters about the situation in their common hometown. Because the well-being of this town is a common question. And an ordinary resident, and a deputy, and a policeman – they all want to live in a comfortable and beautiful city. Everyone is interested in having tourists come to them in the summer – and stay for a long time. And they came back. And everyone is ready to work on this together. Mr. Estrosi can tell about this in much more detail than I do – if, of course, his Crimean interlocutors figure out to ask him about it. But I think this whole company of gopniks is not very interested in the experience of the mayor of Nice. They would use his political position to legitimize the occupation – that’s all.

If we compare the photographs of pre-revolutionary Yalta with photographs of Nice of the same period, we will see two completely identical resort towns. Yalta lined up as a remake of Nice – but now, after seven decades of Bolshevik architectural and infrastructure experiments, it is almost impossible to guess the Mediterranean features in its appearance. There was only one way to save the image of the South Bank – the atmosphere and solidarity of the inhabitants. Annexation does not promote either one or the other. The musty atmosphere of the “scoop” spreads and intensifies in Crimea, and the solidarity of the inhabitants, even if they suddenly try to spontaneously manifest it, protesting against the destruction of even what is left, is ruthlessly suppressed by bandits, who also wear epaulettes and are called police. Yes, Monsieur Estrosi, this is not just a Russian annexation, it is a Russian occupation. You went to visit the bandits, as if you didn’t have enough of your own “lawful” people who bought millions of magnificent villas on Cap Ferrat and other coastal villages with millions of stolen from Russians or Ukrainians.

Yalta today is a nice dead. The coastal villages of the South Coast are striking in their squalor – while the seaside villages of Lazurka are becoming more comfortable and modern. The base of the Russian fleet, Sevastopol is a marginal Soviet city, deprived of prospects and losing its soul. The former base of the Russian fleet Villefranche is the most popular resort of the Cote d’Azur, a romantic village with a crowded beach and excellent restaurants.

Those who made decisions about the occupation and annexation of Crimea, who think through special operations and arrange propaganda sabbaths – with the exception of those who were sanctioned, of course, but how many are there – you can meet here, under the wing of Monsieur Estrosi. In Nice and Villefranche, in Menton and Cannes … And, of course, in Monaco – what kind of hero of the “Russian world” are you, if you don’t spend the summer in Monaco, don’t attend oligarchic parties, don’t go to a casino or have dinner at a restaurant not far from aquarium?

And Crimea, raped and disfigured, they left to “suckers and beggars,” as they call their own fellow citizens. Well, and even the security gangs, whom they were allowed to rest only here. To Monaco did not smell of them. And the more disgusting it will be in this Crimea, taken from Ukraine, the happier they will rub their sleek hands decorated with rings bought from the best jewelers of France. Because the greater the contrast between their life under the wing of Estrosi – and the life of their own people.

Watch the video, Monsieur Mayor. It’s worth it.

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