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Abramovich breaks another record

His new home in London is worth $ 300 million

A real palace is being erected for the Russian oligarch on the banks of the Thames. What it just does not have: 8 bedrooms, a cinema, a marble lined pool, a bathhouse. Three of the eight floors are underground.

And most importantly, the Knightsbridge area, which is steeper than not in London.

It was here that some Russian Abramovich’s associates in the “billionaire club” acquired apartments, for example, Oleg Deripaska. And Elena Franchuk, daughter of the ex-president of Ukraine Kuchma, who bought a mansion of two thousand squares for 80 million pounds (almost 160 million dollars).

By the way, Roman Arkadyevich himself has four mansions in this part of the British capital. They cost a total of about 30 million pounds. But this is just ridiculous money compared to the price of the palace under construction for him at 150 million pounds ($ 300 million).

“At the request of the owner, a mansion is built, which no one in the world has and is nothing ordinary,” said a representative of a real estate company that works with the oligarch. – Mr. Abramovich wants a super-luxurious interior in a first-class Victorian style to match the exterior of the building. Everything is in stucco molding, a very expensive carpet with a thick pile, heavy curtains on the windows. No minimalism!

The realtor added that Mr. Abramovich will personally monitor all the work.

In the list of the richest inhabitants of Britain, published recently in the Sunday Times, Roman Abramovich is in second place (after the Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal). The state of the oligarch has increased over the year from 10.8 to 11.7 billion pounds. Another Russian entered the top ten – Alisher Usmanov with 5.7 billion pounds.

The Daily Telegraph, which reported on Abramovich’s new “toy,” writes that the palace under construction reflects the oligarch’s growing craving for luxury. The largest personal fleet, first-class football team, now prohibitively expensive home … What’s next?

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