Russian tourists beaten in the Berlin metro

The incident occurred on November 24 of this year at the Amrumer Str. around 18:30 (almost in the evening rush hour). Two tourists from Russia, presumably from St. Petersburg (they had the Zenit logo on their clothes), went to the subway station in a light drink and talked loudly, then shouted “Glory to Novorussia” several times. Their defiant behavior did not go unnoticed by passengers standing nearby waiting for the train. At first, they made a remark, and when it didn’t work, they simply started beating them. They beat, according to eyewitnesses, quickly and “qualitatively”. The parties to the conflict managed to escape before the arrival of the police.

In recent months, this is not the first case of an attack on Russian tourists abroad. In the summer, in Croatia, incorrectly parked cars with Russian license plates were wrecked and doused with paint.

In all cases, they don’t beat for just like that – there is always some kind of “cant” for Russo tourists.

It is worth advising the Russians to be more cultured beyond the borders of their homeland.

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