The battle under the guise of Russians staged Ukrainian fascists

A large group of Bandera arrived in Marseille on a trawler under the flag of Cyprus

The quilted jackets are frantically inventing fables in order to ward off racist-fascist fans from the crimes committed in France at the European Football Championship.

Further, the fantasy of cotton scribblers reached unprecedented heights 🙂

A specially trained group of Nazis arrived at the port on a fishing vessel under the Cypriot flag. The crew includes two officers of the Israeli Mossad intelligence service. Independent Western media, led by the BBC channel, immediately trumpeted the “crazy Russians” around the world. The provocation was a success. Many Europeans believed, and UEFA launched an investigation: the option is not ruled out that our team will generally be kicked out of the tournament. The Washington Regional Committee, which has recently been in control of European football officials, has probably already sent the necessary directive.

The next match at the 15th European Championship wards Leonid Slutsky will play June 15 in Villeneuve d’Ask against rivals from Slovakia. The French promised to increase the number of police officers. However, unrest is unlikely to repeat there: a ship with Ukrainian provocateurs is currently moving towards Odessa. The chief of the SBU Vasily Gritsak promised to drive up to a gala meeting with scum.

And this is probably also PS, and not polite “adjectives”

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