Fictional rape girl, real 500 euro bitch and assholes

The real name of this “Victoria Schmidt” is Natalya, she really lives in Hanover and is engaged in helping Russian TV channels – including the largest federal television channels – to fabricate such stories for a small fee (about 500 euros). The Insider correspondent, introducing himself as the producer of one of the TV channels, contacted Natalya and found out how this profitable business works.

Zvezda shopping center: “The Victoria Schmidt family has already seriously considered returning to Russia …”

“Victoria Schmidt” takes 200 euros per hour and 500 euros for a TV plot. In Russia, it won’t work that much.

Read more here: Ostankino Film Studio. How to fabricate stories about migrants and rallies in the EU.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov with a “raped girl” is clearly stuck.

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier toughly replies to Lavrov in the case of the girl Lisa

Another moron – the Head of the international committee of the Federation Council of Russia, Konstantin Kosachev – exacerbated the situation by once again stupidly lying:

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, the recognized leader of the European Union, expressing, of course, not a personal, but an official point of view, recognized the concern for the rights of a citizen of another country (expressed in the form of a question, no more) interference in internal affairs. I think that with this commentary Steinmeier put the mass in an extremely awkward position, and what is there – an armada of German politicians and human rights activists who, without a shadow of a doubt, get into any resonant situations related to a possible violation of human rights in Russia, ”Kosachev said on his Facebook page.

And where is this moron Kosachev saw in the words of Lavrov the form of the question? – That is the question. And here Lenta ru kindly kept the words of Lavrov:

“I hope that there will be no repetition of cases, as with our girl Lisa, when the news that she disappeared was hidden for a very long time for some reason,” Lavrov said. “It’s clear that the girl definitely didn’t voluntarily disappear for 30 hours,” the head of the foreign affairs department emphasized.

This is not a question, Kosachev. This statement and this dissemination of deliberate information of a provocative nature. And the Germans regarded Lavrov’s words quite correctly.

The funny thing is that Steinmeier, together with the vice chancellor, were the explicit pro-Putin lobby in the German government. Putin, thanks to his stupid lackeys, and managed to mess with them. Now Putin will have one friend in Germany. Here is this handsome man:

Founder of the movement Pegida Lutz Bachmann

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