European Parliament needs anthem and flag

The symbols of the European Union – the flag, anthem and motto – will become mandatory for use within the walls of the European Parliament. The decision was taken by the deputies, thereby amending the internal regulations of the Assembly.

Now the blue and yellow flag of the EU must be present in the meeting room of the parliament, and the solemn sessions are supposed to open with the anthem of Greater Europe. It is Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

It is noteworthy that the provision on EU symbols was included in the text of the European Constitution, which has not yet entered into force. The Lisbon Treaty on EU Reforms, which came to replace it, is deprived of this provision: whether it is up to local authorities to use the flag, anthem and motto of the EU.

Parliamentarians did not limit themselves to legitimizing symbolic rituals within their walls, officially proclaiming May 9 as Europe Day. 58 years ago on this day, French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann issued a statement in which he put forward the idea of ​​European integration.

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