Russian fans deported from France

In the suburbs of Cannes, a police special operation is unfolding at this moment. One hundred submachine gunners surrounded 50 Russians, who organizedly, on the bus, followed to Lille to support their team at tomorrow’s match.

We emphasize: this is the official delegation of the All-Russian Association of Fans. The bus is also the head of the organization Alexander Shprygin. He reports everything that is happening in his microblog.

According to him, law enforcement authorities drove off the transport to the so-called “sedimentation tank” and announced that they would conduct a search to find weapons and drugs. The first Russian citizen who got off the bus to demonstrate the documents, the security forces announced the deportation. Such a notification was received by the head of the Lokomotiv fan club in Moscow.

According to him, the police responded briefly to the demand to explain the reason for the decision: terrorism. What this means, and what exactly our compatriot is accused of, is still unclear. Then the deportation was announced to two girls who were also in the salon.

What the assistant Aleksandra Shprygina and the employee of the commercial department of the Russian Football Union were guilty of is also unclear. According to the latest information, the French authorities are going to expel from the country in general everyone who is on the bus.

The situation continues to escalate, there were reports that the special forces even, allegedly for some reason, were preparing for the assault.

I managed to contact the head of the Society of fans Alexander Shprygin, that’s what he reports.

And just the day before, I recall, the police broke into the hotel, where the delegation of the All-Russian Association of Fans stopped.

They searched the rooms, copied all the documents and photographed the residents.

Moreover, fans say that they have nothing to do with the Saturday riots on the streets of Marseille. Moreover, girls did not participate in fights. Now, an officer of the Russian Consulate General reportedly drove to a bus detained by police.

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