The coup in Montenegro failed. Is Macedonia next in line?

The recent scandal between Russia and Serbia is called unprecedented – not only because such tensions between the countries arose for the first time since the end of the Cold War, but also because it was openly declared internationally that Russia was preparing terrorist attacks and a coup in an independent European country – Montenegro.

According to the special state prosecutor of Montenegro, Milivoe Katnicha, several armed groups were planning to take part in the coup. Late in the evening on election day, one of them, having disguised herself in the uniform of the Montenegrin police, seized the parliament building and opened fire on a rally of the pro-Russian opposition gathered in front of the building in protest against Prime Minister Djukanovic. This was supposed to provoke an assault on parliament by an angry mob.

Other groups, according to the plan of the conspirators, were to arrest the leadership of the republic, including Prime Minister Milo Dzukanovic, force him to resign, and block the base of the Montenegrin special forces. Katnich also added that most failed couriers managed to leave Montenegro.

At the same time, the Serbian political scientist, director of the CEAC Foundation, Vencislav Bujic, assures: Montenegro is not the only Balkan country whose control is a priority for Moscow.

At the beginning of 2016 to the radical party Vojislav Seshel, he directly stated that the main priorities for the Kremlin now are Montenegro and Macedonia. I know this directly from people close to Sheshel. By this, by the way, Rogozin explained why at the moment he has no money to support Serbian radicals. I understand why he identified these two goals. Montenegro is about to join NATO, and Macedonia is right on the path of the Turkish Stream, in the creation of which Russia takes part. Of course, Putin and his entourage do not want him to pass through the territory of countries that are in the sphere of influence of the West, ”the expert said.

According to Ventsislav Buyich, the Kremlin traditionally relies on criminal elements – just as it was in the case of the Ukrainian Donbass. So, one of the leaders of the sabotage group working in Montenegro, Alexander Sindzhelic, according to the Serbian political scientist, spent many years in prison for common crimes.

“Once I met him in person in Moscow, and I got the impression that this person is very greedy for money, but he’s not able to complete any serious business – which we observed this time too,” shares his impressions Buych. “I am most worried that he is still at large, and the Serbian authorities are not doing anything to detain him. This shows that the relations of the Serbian government with Russia are still very strong, ”he adds.

Sindzhelich – not the only “agent of the Kremlin”, with which Wentsislav happened to face personally. He already told Crimea in an interview with Reales how this spring he met in Belgrade with Sergey Lushch from the pro-Kremlin organization Young Russia (Minsk). At this meeting, Lusch spoke quite frankly about his plans to destabilize Serbia – in particular, to prepare some sort of “sleeping agents” throughout Serbia, who would then, with the advent of “hour X”, be able to raise an anti-Western uprising in all their cities.

Moreover, according to a Serbian expert, pro-Russian sentiments in Montenegro, and even more so in Macedonia, are not so great.

“About 30% of the population is still against the separation of Montenegro from Serbia, the country’s entry into NATO, etc. In Macedonia there are much fewer such people, but there are other contradictions there. About a third of the population are Albanians, while the rest are Slavs: Macedonians, Serbs, Bulgarians, etc. There is a risk that Russia may try to rekindle an interethnic conflict between the Macedonians and Albanians there, ”says Wenceslas Buijch.

PINK STOJANOVIC M: 20 people arrested who planned to attack the institutions of the system

After the Pink M portal exclusively announced this morning that a group of people who had arrived in our country had been arrested overnight, where, based on an agreement with individuals from a political group, they planned to carry out terrorist acts throughout Montenegro during the election day. causing armed conflict and even liquidation, a confirmation from the Police Directorate has arrived.

In a statement to our television, Director of the Police Directorate Slavko Stojanovic said that 20 people, citizens of the Republic of Serbia, had been arrested while one person was being searched. They are suspected of committing criminal offenses of creating a criminal organization and terrorism in the territory of our country.

They are suspected to have entered Montenegro and intended to first seize automatic weapons and then attack the institutions of the system, the police and state officials tonight, without ruling out the possibility of attacking senior state officials – Stojanovic said.

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