Gennady Zyuganov in Strasbourg was given in the face

Gennady Zyuganov, a deputy of the Russian State Duma from the Communist Party faction, trying to get to a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in French Strasbourg, received a sensitive physiognomy. He was also doused with blood in protest against Russian armed aggression in Ukraine. The action was organized by the local Ukrainian diaspora, which was joined by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Linko. He also posted a photo of what happened on his Facebook page.

A picket near the PACE building was organized with the demand to release the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Nadezhda Savchenko, who had been held in the Moscow pre-trial detention center on trumped-up charges for more than six months in violation of all international law.

“We arrived in Strasbourg to support the Ukrainian diaspora, which requires PACE to oust the Russian delegation and release Nadezhda Savchenko,” said Dmitry Linko, deputy of the Ukrainian parliament. – They broke a DNR rag that some crazy woman brought, which we also kicked out. At the entrance to the PACE building, together with Artem Vitko, he doused the Russian commie Zyuganov with blood and gave him an enemy face. Glory to Ukraine!

The Russian Communist Gennady Zyuganov himself reacted to what happened before entering the PACE building. He said that only two “unknowns” tried to attack him, while “the word Ukraine sounded in some context”. However, the Russian deputy assures, nothing serious happened at the same time (however, the photos published by Dmitry Linko say exactly the opposite). At the same time, Gennady Zyuganov expressed indignation that “this could happen one meter from the Council of Europe building, in a closed zone, where the entrance should be only by passes”.

In PACE itself, the Russian delegation is currently deprived of the right to vote in connection with the occupation of Crimea and the ongoing armed aggression against Ukraine. And the delegation of the Netherlands has already prepared a draft resolution, which, if adopted, will completely deprive the Russians of their powers. At the same time, PACE has already approved the powers of the deputy from Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko – thus, the Moscow pre-trial detention center now contains a full-fledged deputy of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, possessing diplomatic immunity, which grossly violates the Vienna Convention.

January 25, the fate of Nadezhda Savchenko was also attended by residents of New York. They took to the streets demanding the liberation of the Ukrainian parliament, as well as providing Ukraine with weapons to protect against Russian aggression.

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