Miss Czech Republic has the largest breasts, and Miss Austria has a huge tattoo below the back

A few hours before the start of the selection, the Maestro appeared in the main concert hall of the country. The real Italian, the king of fashion, a fan of sex and beautiful women, fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Hundreds of flashbulbs sparkled, Italian speech sounded in velvet.

“When I can make a woman happy, I always say yes.”

“I am extremely happy to be with you in Kiev today,” said the extravagant Italian. In the current Miss Europe contest, he is the chairman of the jury. – I have been invited to beauty contests many times, but I almost always refused. I really love women and try to make them beautiful, but I have always been far from such events. However, this time I agreed.

The Great Roberto Cavalli in Ukraine for the first time…

When asked why the Ukrainian capital was awarded such an honor, the fashion designer replied that he felt sympathy for Omar Arfush, the owner of the Miss Europe 2006 license, and agreed. However, judging by the words of Omar himself, it was not so simple:

– It was very difficult. Besides the fact that this person is a great designer, he is also very rich. He loves to do only what he likes.

And Cavalli likes women, women and … sexy women. He is ready to admire the figures, long legs, gleam in his eyes, luxurious hair and beauty forever. “When I can make a woman happy, I always say“ yes ”- this is the slogan of his whole life.

– I take my inspiration in art, because my fashion is something fantastic! It always reflects my love for women. When I create a collection, I always think about how I would like to see a woman.

… and already managed to fall in love with Ukrainian women

The Italian came without his beautiful wife, Eva, the former Miss Universe, and admitted that he would very much like to flirt with Ukrainian women. Like, the wife is not jealous. But in vain it is so! Roberto really liked the Ukrainians, he even managed to conclude that they are the most beautiful. If you believe his words, then traveling the world and meeting our compatriots in different countries, he was always interested to see where such beautiful creatures live.

The author of jeans with all kinds of scuffs and metal rivets, wide belts on the hips and linen imitating the skin of a leopard will stay in the capital for several days. During this time, he dreams of taking a walk around the city, wandering around museums and maybe even finding inspiration for the next collection. But first, he will have to do one very important thing – to pronounce the name of the one who will become the owner of the crown with diamonds for 350 000 euros and the title of “Miss Europe 2006”. He began to get acquainted with contestants from 33 countries last night.

Crown of the winner of “Miss Europe 2006”

The conversation with Miss Armenia was the shortest

“Tell me a little about yourself,” “What is your dream?”, “What do you like to do?”, “Where do you study?” – the charming Cavalli was interested in as affectionately as if each of these frightened girls had his beloved daughter. The shortest conversation took place with Miss Armenia. The young lady simply did not know English and sadly asked: “Translate to me, please.” The conversation was interrupted literally right away.

Miss Germany 2006
Miss Germany 2006

– Oh my goodness! Cavalli exclaimed when Miss Germany, a tall blonde in an airy purple dress, came onstage. Such exclamations of admiration were awarded to only a few young ladies.

Enchanting, stunning beauty on stage, we never saw. Small busts, cute little faces, round buttocks (sometimes even with cellulite) – that’s all the beauty. I was surprised by “Miss Austria”: from under the swimming trunks, a drawing of a rather big tattoo peered on the lower back.

Pleased “Miss Czech Republic” is also a large size. But not “tattoos,” but breasts. Feeling her “bust” superiority over the other contestants, the Czech girl demonstrated it from all sides.

Miss Austria 2006 tattoo
Miss Austria 2006 tattoo

One by one, the girls went onto the unfinished stage, where the scenery were mounted, where the last preparations for the contest were going to be seen on the air of 12 European countries, and where their fate was decided. After all, this interview to the sounds of an affectionate voice of an Italian and a flash of cameras is not just a conversation between the king of fashion and beautiful women. It was after him that very evening that the jury members secretly from all decide who will advance to the semifinals. Surnames of 12 lucky women we learn October 27th.

Organization of the competition cost Omar Arfush several million euros.

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