EU and Africa plan equality

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Participants in the EU – Africa Summit, which starts on the weekend in Lisbon, are planning to open new horizons for cooperation. The preparation of the first meeting of such a level in seven years takes place in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, where a delegation of ministers from 80 countries of the Old World and Africa came to the meeting.

Over the remaining days, they will have to approve a new concept of European-African cooperation, according to which Africa will act as an equal partner of the EU, and not just the recipient of assistance.

Despite the fact that the humanitarian support of the continent will continue and will grow, as the EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Louis Michel promised.

The summit’s agenda includes issues of economic cooperation, the fight against terrorism and climate change. The absolute priority should be the issue of combating illegal immigration from Africa to Europe. This year alone on the Canary Islands landed 30 thousand illegal immigrants from Africa.

Observers are speculating in what exactly the key will be at the summit to talk about the reasons for illegal immigration from Africa, given that the organizers invited representatives of Zimbabwe and Sudan to Lisbon. The world community accuses the authorities of these countries of violating human rights and depleting the economy.

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