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Foreigners who fight for Ukraine in the Donbass tell why they risk their lives for another country and whether they are ready to abandon their own homeland

There are more than a thousand of them – more precisely, even the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have data. They are very different, sometimes unexpected – Russians, Belarusians, Georgians, Poles, Swedes and Israelis. All of them are fighting for Ukraine in the east of the country. Voluntarily.

All of them, with the exception of only two people, do not have Ukrainian citizenship. Although President Petro Poroshenko promised Ukrainian passports to everyone who took weapons to fight for Ukraine. But did not do it. But they continue to fight – they didn’t come for a passport.

Why they left their homeland risk their lives for the freedom of another country and what they get from it – seven foreign volunteers told about this.

Galina Korba


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