Vata, entrenched in Greece, is indignant and quietly pisses in his pants

Greek separatist preparing for detention on suspicion of supporting terrorism in Ukraine

Vata, entrenched in Greece, is indignant and quietly pisses in his pants, because the police have already begun to come for her.

An activist of the Anti-Fascist Movement of Greece, sympathizing with the terrorist organizations “LPR” and “DPR”, Irina Plafuntzi, said that the Greek police accused her of terrorism.

This is reported by the group “Information Resistance”.

“Friends! Two hours ago, my husband was taken by Greek police. Find out the facts related to my political activities. Accuse me of terrorism !!! They don’t touch me yet. I am sitting at home and waiting for their arrival to be searched. The fact is that the Americans have been listening to all my phones, Skype, FB and other crap for some time. They say that I am an accomplice of the militia in the Donbass. More precisely, an accomplice of terrorists in the Donbass. Everything is very serious! But I do not think that I need to be afraid of them) God is with me !!!!”

Irina Plafuntzi actively participated in rallies in support of terrorists, and also participated in a recent rally in Athens, whose participants declared support for Russia’s actions in the Middle East. In protest, the national flags of Turkey and the United States were burned.

Greece and Russia are friendly states.

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