Ksenia Sukhinova became Miss World 2008

The Russian woman won the competition, which was held in Johannesburg. From the beginning of the competition, she was considered the main contender for the title.

In the final of Miss World 2008, Ksenia confidently outran rivals from India, South Africa, Angola and Trinidad and Tobago.

Ksenia Sukhinova is 21 years old, she is a student of the Tyumen Institute of Oil and Gas. A year ago, the Siberian woman won the national beauty contest in Russia, and before that she won the title “Miss Tyumen”. Most of all for Ksenia today experienced in her hometown.

So far in the history of the contest, only one Russian woman has risen to the highest step of the beauty podium. In 1992, the crown tried on Julia Kurochkina.

Representatives from more than 120 countries had to fight for the crown of a girl from Tyumen

Ksenia Sukhinova was born 21 years ago in Nizhnevartovsk. And since then, among other things, has managed to conquer the peak of the All-Russian beauty contest. That is, officially become the most beautiful girl in the country.

She lives in Tyumen, studies at the oil and gas university. But if the achievement of the coveted diploma and the title of a specialist in the field of control in technical systems is still far away, then she has already become the most beautiful girl on the planet Earth! The 58th Miss World 2008 beauty pageant was held on Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa. She had to fight for the crown with representatives of more than 120 countries. We understood very well that our Ksyusha was the best, but now a strict jury was convinced of this.

A student, athlete and simply beauty received a ticket to the international competition a year ago, becoming “Miss Russia 2007”.

Since then, Xenia’s life has changed. In the schedule of the first beauty of Russia – participation in social and charity events, capital’s social and status events. But the first point was intensified preparations for the upcoming international beauty contest.

Spent efforts have borne fruit. At the intermediate Miss World – 2008 contest, our Ksyusha won the title “Top Model – 2008”.

So far this is my biggest achievement in this competition. I longed to get this title, and my dreams came true, ”Ksenia Sukhinova shared then. “But the most difficult task ahead is to win the Miss World crown, and I strive for this.”
Ksenia keeps in touch with Viktor Garabazhiy, the head of the Center for the Development of Student Creativity TSNGU.

Everything is fine with her. Ksenia is glad that she got to the contest and intends to adequately represent Russia, ”Viktor Alexandrovich told“ Komsomolka ”. – In Johannesburg, girls are cared for, cherished, so everything is great!

Does our member have fear? Still, 120 applicants for the crown.

What fear? Our Ksenia is the most beautiful.

The Queen didn’t want to go on the podium and dreamed of becoming a biathlon champion

 Ksenia Sukhinova studied at the Nizhnevartovsk 8th school. In her diary there were only “fours” and “fives”. The teachers remembered her as a very well-mannered, prominent girl. Not surprisingly, closer to the upper grades, all the boys sighed at her.

Whether Xenia had time for dates is a big question. Because after classes, she was intensely involved in sports. The Russian queen has an adult category in biathlon, she was engaged in swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, athletics, ballet … In the “piggy bank” Ksenia accumulated many diplomas and awards. But the girl dreamed of getting the most coveted victory – to become a biathlon champion.

After school, Ksenia entered the Tyumen Oil and Gas University. In her free time, she decided to do choreography. For six months, Victor Garabazhiy persuaded her to become a model in the Sh’Atelie fashion theater. The freshman categorically refused, although external data indicated that she was simply created for the catwalk.

Finally, by the beginning of the Miss Neftegaz contest, the girl gave up and won the title of “vice miss”. A little later, another crown: “Miss Image 2005”. So Ksenia entered the modeling business and has not left the podium since then.

The Tyumen beauty was noticed. One of the leading modeling agencies – “Point” – offered Xenia a job. Now the Tyumen model is listed in the first composition.
Last year, our fellow countrywoman went through a tough selection and went to Milan for High Fashion Week.

In Italy, Ksenia showed off the clothes of the leading fashion designers of the world, who gathered for a traditional show. A little later, she refused the catwalk in Paris to conquer Moscow at the Miss Russia 2007 contest, which Ksenia dreamed of from the first steps in the modeling business.

Ksenia got the beauty from her parents. A figure (“this is from the pope”) is kept in shape thanks to sports. But the diet “Miss Russia 2007” does not adhere to, after six in the evening can easily eat. If she is very hungry, she will not refuse dumplings, despite the late hour.

Ksenia’s character is very calm, and the title of “Miss Russia” did not spoil him. Those who know the queen claim that she has enough strength and endurance for two. In addition, the girl is very purposeful. If he wants to achieve something, he will certainly achieve it.

According to the schedule, on December 13 from 11 to 13 hours the UITS-04-1 group should take term papers. The student list is Ksenia Sukhinova. Teachers reacted with humor to this fact. Indeed, on the evening of December 13, the girl will fight for the crown of Miss World 2008.

As it was found out, the queen is not listed in malicious debtors. “Tails”, of course, are, but in moderation.

Ksenia is always on the road. However, we understand that she is not messing around, but is preparing to successfully compete. Her victory will enhance the image of Russia, the region, and our university, ”said Oleg Kuzyakov, head of the department of cybernetic systems at the Oil and Gas Institute of TSNGU. – Ksenia closed the summer session, in this semester I attended classes as far as possible.

After the coronation, the estimates of “Miss Russia” did not crawl down?

No, the level is the same. She is a very hardworking girl and without star fever. What is in time, then surrenders. When arriving in Tyumen, we draw up an individual schedule of tests, exams. And then she works at an assault pace.

According to the plan, December 13 delivery of term papers.

Of course, we will take her term papers later.

At the university, the queen is left to study for long. Session, state examinations, diploma – and Ksyusha will become a qualified engineer in management and technological informatics.

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