Glamorous queens of Europe

British men and women this year will spend on perfume 940 million pounds

The title of “glamorous queens of Europe” is now given to residents of the UK. According to a new study, British women buy cosmetics more than other European women of fashion, for example, from Germany and Spain. Moreover, the English women managed to beat even the previous leaders in this peculiar “competition” – the French woman.

The annual cost of makeup in the United Kingdom has increased over the past 5 years by 40 %, reaching almost 1 billion pounds.

On average, according to analysts, a British woman will spend 36 pounds on cosmetics this year. For comparison: a Frenchwoman will spend 32 pounds on herself, and a German and a Spanish woman will spend only 22 pounds each.

Researchers interviewed 25 thousand men and women in the United Kingdom and 10 thousand in France, Germany and Spain in order to find out the attitude of Europeans to their appearance.

As it turned out, French women are more than others eager to stand out from the crowd and show “their good sense of style.” Spaniards more than residents of other countries are concerned not only with their appearance, but also with their image. The Germans most of all want to look good in public, and half of them agree with the statement: “I like it when others look at me.” Residents of England, although they showed a desire to look good, were less clear in their approach to the most important thing in beauty than representatives of other countries – according to Michel Stratton, senior market analyst at Mintel, British women want to look attractive and well-groomed, but they are less interested style and fashion.

In a report entitled Perfumes and Cosmetics, researchers predict that British men and women will spend £ 940 million on perfumes this year. Spending on perfumes has grown over the past 3 years by 13%, but men’s spending on after-shave products has remained unchanged. The leaders in the use of perfumes are Spaniards – both men and women.

The British do not spend so much on perfumes, but they actively use make-up, more often than others they use foundation cream and only slightly inferior to other Europeans in using lipstick, nail polish and blush.

Behind the increase in sales of cosmetics and perfumes in Europe are, as noted, an increase in financial well-being and an increase in the number of women working full time.

Also, one of the factors is that teenage girls start using cosmetics early, the report says with reference to statistics: more than 90% of 14-year-old girls regularly apply makeup.

But the Russians, as it turned out, use perfumes several times less than the residents of other developed countries – our compatriots spend much less on “aromas”. This is especially true for the male part of the population, the newspaper Financial News reports.

Apparently, most Russian men since Soviet times believe that the use of perfume is only appropriate on major holidays. They prefer natural perfume to artificial aromas, taking it for a manifestation of masculinity.

But there is another reason: the low expenses of Russians on cosmetics and perfumes are also attributed to the fact that many of our compatriots prefer domestic products – and they are usually cheaper than well-known Western brands.

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