“Nashi” burst into Schengen

Today, activists of this movement picket a representative office of the European Commission in Moscow. The fact is that after the scandal with the Bronze Soldier they are not given European visas.

The Kremlin is not allowed to enter not only Estonia, but also other, more neutral countries. The Baltic states have distributed non-grata lists throughout the EU, and now young Putin lovers have nowhere to rest from hard work. “Ours” are threatening to organize a series of protests in order to escape from their beloved homeland into the civilized world. But it seems that now only Sochi or Siberia is left for them to relax.

“Ours” accuse Estonia of “legal lawlessness”

Activists of the youth movement “Nashi” picket the European Commission in Moscow. “Ours” protest against the fact that some of them “without explanation of reasons are denied the opportunity to visit certain countries of Europe.”

Young pro-Kremlin activists qualify this as “legal chaos,” claiming that Estonia is to blame for this, which has entered the Schengen zone since the beginning of 2008 and provided its other non grata lists to other countries in this zone, in particular , Nashi activists who took part in protests against the transfer of the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn.

On January 8, Nashi activist Maryana Skvortsova was denied a Finnish visa. In Lithuania, another Nashi representative, Konstantin Goloskokov, is in prison, who, after refusing an Estonian visa, tried to get to Tallinn illegally through neighboring countries. He faces up to two years in prison.

“Ours” promise to launch a “campaign to restore the rights of tens of thousands of young Russians”, which, in their opinion, may become victims of the “legal lawlessness” of a united Europe.

Detained “Nashi” released

Moscow police released Nashi activists detained on Wednesday for holding an unauthorized rally at the European Commission’s representative office in Moscow.

“We have no complaints against law enforcement agencies. They did their job 100%. We did not manage to get permission for today’s event, and the police did what they should,” said the leader of the youth movement Nikita Borovikov.

He noted that in total about 50 activists, including himself, were detained by law enforcement officers.

“They drew up a protocol on administrative offenses and set them free. In total, it took no more than 2.5 hours,” the source said.

On Wednesday, about 700 Nashi activists held a picket outside the European Commission in Moscow due to the fact that some representatives of the movement were denied the opportunity to visit Europe, in particular Estonia and Finland.

Borovikov also added that protests outside the European Commission building could be repeated.

“We intend to defend our innocence and, possibly, we will turn to other movements for support,” he said.

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