Netherlands picks 3Js for Eurovision 2011

The 3Js will represent the Netherlands in Germany, next year. The Netherlands is the second nation to reveal their 2011 Eurovision Song Contest participant. After Sienekes defeat in the second Semi-Final in Oslo, just weeks ago, broadcaster TROS worked hard to quickly get their act together for next year.

The 3Js will produce five songs before the end of the year. A Nationaal Songfestival will take place in early 2011, during which the public (50%) and a professional jury (50 %) will get to choose the song that they will take to Germany. The group is “eager to work with several producers” to give their potential entries a finishing touch.

During a radio show, the three group members Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman and Jaap de Witte announced their candidacy, and explained in few words why they decided to accept the offer to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest: “Its about the song again.”

The 3Js, who started their band in 2002, got to the national stage in 2007, when their album Watermensen was successfully launched. Three of their albums made it to the top-10 of the Dutch charts, several singles did as well.

Listen to some of their previous successes, such as Watermensen and Geloven In Het Leven:

“With this choice, we stay close to our roots and appeal to a broad audience. The 3Js sing in Dutch, but have an international sound and a broad fan base to support them. Most of all, they are great musicians, and I am convinced they will do great in Germany next year,” TROS director Peter Kuipers said.

Germany will once again be represented by Eurovision Song Contest winner Lena, who wants to defend her title.

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