More than 200 Estonian and American soldiers march to Narva

In the north-east of Estonia in the town of Voka on February 7, a military campaign began. More than 200 soldiers from the Scout battalion of the Estonian Defense Forces and the 503rd Cavalry Regiment of the US Army, stationed in Tapa, must reach Narva in two days.

The commander of the American platoon, Lieutenant Winston Bolt, said that one of the goals of the campaign was to work out joint actions of the units in winter conditions, and also to show the inhabitants of Estonia that the Americans are allies.

During the 53-kilometer campaign, the military will meet with students from the Sinimää Basic School and the Narva-Jõesuu High School. In Narva, soldiers will give lectures to students of the Narva Estonian Gymnasium and Kesklinna Gymnasium, as well as to students of the Narva College of the University of Tartu.

The campaign started in Voka on February 7. Military personnel will move along the Voka-Sillamae highway towards Vaivin, then along the Tallinn-Narva highway towards Sillamae. In Sillamae, the hike will take place along the streets of Tolstoy, Kesk, Pavlova and Gagarin.

On February 8, soldiers will advance towards Mummassaare in the early morning, and from there – to Narva-Jõesuu. The next day, the hike will continue in the Narva direction along the Narva-Jõesuu-Narva highway. In Narva, the military will pass along the streets of Sepa, Sadam Tee, Yye, Paradise and Malmi.

The Estonian Defense Forces, together with the Allies, apologize for the inconvenience and hope for understanding on the part of road users.

The consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine

The deployment of US and German army units in the Baltic countries. Interestingly, the American soldiers in the Narva Castle, it’s not a few miles from the Russian Federation. It is directly on the border with the Russian Federation – 0 km.

In general, the previously announced schedule is maintained. The NATO countries that have undertaken to strengthen their presence in the region, deploy 1 reinforced battalion in each of the Baltic countries, in addition to this, the United States continues to deploy parts of the 4th Infantry Division, whose equipment also continues to be delivered to European ports and moved to Poland and the Baltic countries.

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