Europe’s population will decline by 50 million by 2050

The population of Europe by 2050 will decline from the current 591 million people to 542 million, and the number of Europeans over 65 years old will increase from 16% to 28%, according to the report of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development, published in Brussels.

According to German demographers, in European women the average birth rate is 1.5 children, while the level of 2.1 is necessary for sustainable demographic development. For comparison: among women in Asia and Latin America this indicator reaches an average of 2.5 children, while in Africans – five children.

Of the European countries, the most favorable fertility situation was noted in the UK, France, Ireland and the Scandinavian countries, where women produce an average of 1.8 – 2 children, but in Germany, Spain, Italy and most countries of Eastern Europe – less than 1,4.

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