Italy might return to Eurovision in 2011

Today, the fourth edition of the Italian version of the talent show X-Factor has been presented in a press conference. As a very remarkable novelty, the winner of the show would not go through the popular SanRemo festival, but the Eurovision Song Contest! The much awaited news on a potential return of Italy to the contest might take shape towards the 2011 running of the event.

“Among the novelties, this year, the winner (of X-Factor) will not automatically qualify for the SanRemo festival. But the artistic director of the Festival, Gianmarco Mazzi, has promised that he will follow with attention the evolution of the talent show. It is very likely that the winner takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest”, claims the website of Mediaset – the main media group in Italy, property of the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi – quoting Massimo Liofredi, chairman of RaiDue.

The show will be aired on RaiDue starting tomorrow, September 7th, in prime time.

After this announcement, Italy might be closer to a Eurovision comeback, maybe the biggest wish of the followers of the contest. The country took part for the last time in 1997, when the duo Jalisse ended up 4th with the song Fiumi di parole., 06.09.10

RAI returns to Eurovision?

The same story every year as Italy seems to be the most anticipated returning country in the Eurovision Song Contest. This years X-Factor winner will not proceed to the Sanremo festival as it happened last year but Mediaset website reports that it is likely to see the winner representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Mediaset Group belongs to the Italian prime minister business scheme. EBU claimed over the years that intense negotiations were taking place for Italy to return in the Eurovision Song Contest and despite last years failure the last minute, both sides promised to examine seriously a potential participation in 2011.

There are lots of Eurofans who pray for Italy to comeback and even more who still believe that a return to Eurovision might also automatically mean victory!, 06.09.10

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