Meadows and swamps disappear in Europe

Meadows and wetlands in European Union countries are endangered.

According to the European Commission’s report, climate change, land development for agricultural needs and poor land use management are damaging the region’s biodiversity. In particular, climate warming had a negative impact on 42 protected habitats and 144 species of flora and fauna. According to scientists, swamps, swamps and bogs were hit hardest. As a result, the number of the main inhabitants of these places, amphibians, began to sharply decrease.

Areas in European meadows are also declining due to the intensive development of agriculture. Meadows in the Atlantic, Pannonian, and Boreal regions suffered more than others. Dunes in Europe are harmed by tourism and coastal development.

Rocky areas and hard-leaved forests are at the least risk. Not everything is safe in the marine regions. So, in the Baltic, four species of mammals are threatened with extinction. The number of dragonflies Aeshna viridis has been critically reduced in the continental zone.

The head of the European Commission for Environmental Protection, Stavros Dimas, called on all EU member states to take urgent measures to protect the land, otherwise the region’s ecosystem will be irrevocably damaged. European states have already agreed that 17 % of their territory should be given the status of protected areas.

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