Moldovan Eurovision song courts controversy

Some of you vexillologists out there might be wondering why the Moldovan flag is sitting on a page about pop. Well, lemme tell you something – things are about to get weird. Moldova, like all European nations, are looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest. However, one of the entries is causing quite a stir.

Alexandru Bognibov’s “I Love The Girls”‘ title may seem innocent enough. I mean, a song about a bloke liking the ladies… that’s hardly new, is it? Unfortunately, Bognibov likes ’em young. How do we know? Well, if you click here, and listen to track 2, you can hear him croon “I love the girls of thirteen years old.” Hmmm. Is it going to be banned? Well, a website called got in touch with TeleRadio Moldova and OGAE Moldova to discuss the content of the offending song and it seems that it’s not up to the TV stations, but, rather, a shadowy panel elsewhere. This is a story worth keeping an eye on.

Olia Tira, Always will be

ALEXA, We are one

EDICT, I believe

Geta Burlacu, A century of love

Cristina Rujitcaia, You make me feel crazy

Catrina Pislaru, Dance with me

Jay Mon, Point of view

Dana Marchitan, Your name

Galina Scoda, Your own vision


Elena Dermidjean, Living creatures

Liusia Znamensky, Don’t deceive my heart, 19.12.07

Sasha Bognibov – I Love the Girls of 13 Years Old

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