Eurovision 2017 Kiev

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

26 contestants selected in two semifinals, as well as the founding countries of Eurovision, which always make it to the finals automatically together with the host country, will enter the stage.

We will not see Russian performers on the stage. Singer Yulia Samoilova, whom Russia delegated to the contest, the Ukrainian authorities banned entry into the country because of her earlier performances in the Crimea. The organizers of Eurovision failed to convince Ukraine, and Russia refused to replace the performer.

Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral is declared the winner of the final of the Eurovision 2017 music contest in Kiev. This is the first victory of Portugal in the history of the contest.

According to the results of the jury and the audience, the Portuguese scored 758 votes.

For the main prize of the competition – a crystal microphone – 26 applicants fought in the final.

Unlike most previous contests, the results of the jury of the participating countries were first announced, and the results of the spectator vote were announced at the very end.

The ratio of the jury and the audience was 50 to 50.

Viewers could vote, as before, using SMS and phone calls.

In Kiev, the final of the international song contest Eurovision-2017 ended. The winner was Salvador Sobral from Portugal.

Representative of Portugal – 27-year-old Salvador Collected with the song of authorship of his sister “Amar Pelos Dois” won the main prize of the international television song contest “Eurovision-2017”.

After the first semifinal, they began to call him the best Eurovision singer of all Portugal ever represented at this contest. The singer is having difficulty participating in the contest due to severe heart disease. Immediately upon completion, he will need surgery.

At the end of the finalists’ performances, the attention of the audience was captured by Ukrainian artists who previously represented the country at Eurovision. This is Ruslana who won in 2004, who won second place in 2007 in the image of Verka Serduchka Andrey Danilko, as well as Jamala, whose last year’s victory gave Kiev the right to accept Eurovision again. In addition, the Ukrainian electro-folk group “Onuka” performed on the stage of the final show, accompanied by an ensemble of folk instruments.

Bookmakers predicted the victory of Italian Francesco Gabbani, who was an automatic finalist and appeared in front of the audience for the first time in Eurovision 2017. His composition in Italian charts has already become a platinum hit and is very popular in Europe.

According to forecasts of bookmakers, Salvador Sobral from Portugal, who performed a song in his native language “Amar Pelos Dois”, was to take the second place at Eurovision-2017. This vocalist has become one of the special participants in Eurovision-2017, since he has suffered from heart disease since childhood, because of which he had to miss all rehearsals before the contest.

The third place in the final of Eurovision-2017 was given to bookmakers by 17-year-old Christian Kostov from Bulgaria, who performed the song “Beautiful Mess”. Christian, a singer with Kazakh roots, is the first Eurovision participant to be born in the 21st century. He was born and raised in Moscow, dad Konstantin is a Bulgarian, and Zaur’s mother is a Kazakh. Shortly before the final, Christian promised, in case of victory, to break the Eurovision 2017 award.

The results of the Eurovision-2017 final, as always, were determined by the results of the vote. In the final, viewers of the participating countries could vote for any competitor except the representative of their country. Separately from the viewers, the performances of the finalists were evaluated by a professional jury from each, setting them from 1 to 8, as well as 10 and 12 points. During the announcement of the final results, the jury scores were first named, and then the results of the audience vote. The total number of votes of the jury and the audience determined the winner of Eurovision-2017.

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