Anthem EURO 2008 will perform Shaggy

The world famous reggae style representative Shaggy attended a ceremony in Bern yesterday, where the countdown of the last 100 days before the tournament began and the launch of took place. Shaggy together with EURO 2008 mascots Trix and Flix recorded the song Like A Superstar, which promises to be the main hit of the coming summer in Austria and Switzerland.

“I wanted the song to be passionate and full of energy so that people would listen to it with pleasure,” said Shaggy.

UEFA Commercial Director Philippe Margraff said: “We want EURO 2008 to be a real holiday, during which fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle. Music is a key ingredient to success, so we wanted to offer different types for different people. We wanted to get something what people like and what will organically complement this big holiday. “

Martin Cullen, Head of Operations at Euro 2008 SA, said that music is only part of an extensive summer entertainment program.

“We want to establish a new standard of entertainment for fans in stadiums, so we have a very interesting program planned. Thousands of people will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies.”

EURO 2008 will be held from June 7 to 29 in Austria and Switzerland. The tournament will be attended by 16 strongest teams of the continent.

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