Italian morons deputies in Crimea

The next delegation of accomplices of Russian fascism from Italy arrived in Crimea. Konstantinov, forgetting about the “geyrop”, as a rooster courted dear Putin’s guests.

Italians in Crimea: wine and cheese for the speaker and photos near the “polite” monument

Arriving deputies turned out to be Italian marginals who do not respect the territorial integrity of even Italy itself, advocating the independence of its north.

The township deputies from Italy who visited Crimea set out to bill Ukraine for Russian anti-sanctions against Europe.

They also proposed a “second referendum” on the status of Crimea. The Botox rat in the Kremlin is desperately looking for a way out of the trap, but the attempt is not counted – hold referendums in Russia, morons.

If you follow the logic of the Kremlin’s propagandists, then Ukraine, according to the statement of the Italian parliamentarian, is already SUPERPOWER.

Meetings of the Parliament of the Venetian Republic Sovereign and Independent organization look like this. Somewhere in the attic they sit like Lenin.

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