United Europe is united in everything: they will expel illegal immigrants according to general rules

The heads of state and government of the EU and the main factions of the European Parliament have come to an agreement on a draft directive establishing general rules for the expulsion of illegal immigrants from the European Union.

The main points of the directive provide for an increase in the maximum term of detention in special centers to 18 months, whereas today it is only a month in France. Children will be kept there with their parents. And finally, deportees are forbidden to return to the territory of the European Union for 5 years.

A stumbling block was the provision of expelled legal aid. Germany and a number of other countries have made it optional, but the European deputies insisted on mandatory assistance.

The conservative faction has already stated that it will support the draft directive. But the left does not agree with the text and intends to propose amendments to it. The left has organized actions in Brussels and other EU cities against the new draft directive.

The first vote on the project will take place at the plenary session of the European Parliament in mid-June. The text of the “expulsion directive” must be approved by both the European Parliament and the European Council, so that each amendment risks delaying the approval process.

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