Mafia at the door of the European Union

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The other day, colleagues from The Sun surprised, announcing to their readers that starting from the new year, the EU will “open its doors to its home widely” for the mafia. This announcement was timed to the EU accession on January 1, Romania and Bulgaria. It was not like “Welcome!”

In this connection, several questions arise at once. Well, for example, is this a private opinion, or did the journalists just grasp the fatigue of the old Europeans from the influx of new EU members? But then who really solves the issues of the life of a democratic European Union – its inhabitants or its bureaucrats?

I have always been a consistent supporter of a strong Europe, if only because I know what the unipolar world is worth when Washington is soloing on stage. This is Iraq, the flying prisons of the CIA, but what else is there? The voice of a strong, democratic Europe against this background would be very welcome. But for this, of course, it is necessary to gain political, economic and military weight, so that, in principle, the very fact of the enlargement of the European Union does not cause protest. There is perplexity. Europe is very ineptly and eagerly swallowing new pieces from the dish, not really worrying about what it will increase as a result: muscle or abdomen? And whether she swallows at the same time with benign food, some E. coli, which will then have to be treated for a long and expensive.

Say, by joining Latvia, the EU has also joined all its problems: neo-Nazism, Russophobia, violations of the rights of hundreds of thousands of people – this is the only place in Europe where for many years hundreds of thousands of so-called “non-citizens” exist. International law does not even know such a term. They do not even have the right to vote. And this is in Europe!

The EU has accepted in its family and Poles. Meanwhile, jokes were told about the “Polish ambition” back in the Middle Ages, so this is not very recent news. As a result, under one Polish president, Poland wanted to become the leader of a new Europe and led the pro-American opposition on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, so that it also holds the blood of all those innocent victims who die in this country. Then it became almost the main “secret prison” of the CIA and, finally, put all EU members in an awkward position in negotiations with Russia on future strategic cooperation, believing that its “meat veto” was in the interests of all other EU countries. And for sure, this is not the last Polish surprise.

However, all this is the business of the European condominium, and it is up to him to decide who to provide apartments in his own house.

But from the side, for example, for Russia, it is informative to look at this, since several peoples, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, in particular, are asking for it today too. Leaving aside controversial legal issues, it’s worth looking at it from the point of view of an ordinary person and answering the most basic question to myself: do I need this?

It seems that this is exactly what the colleagues from The Sun had in mind when they published such alarming information about the arrival of the new mafia in the European Union, as if it had already dealt with all the old ones. You can ask any employee of Interpol, he will tell you.

So, what new adventures await EU citizens after the new year? As for Bulgaria, I did not find anything significant here, but the whole Internet is filled with talk about the Romanian mafia. I read, for example, the following message of the Deutsche Welle: “Using the contract for the supply of labor signed with Spain, the criminal world of Romania turned the Spanish capital into its patrimony. Everything happened very quickly, literally in a few years. Police intelligence indicates that the Romanians quickly squeezed out even the world-famous Colombian mafiosi from the criminal business of the Spanish capital, not to mention the Spaniards themselves. They took control of the synthetic drug trade and street prostitution, rehearsed their fellow citizens living in Spain, engaged in document forgery and robbery, and committed contract killings. In Madrid’s Casa de Campo Park, customers are served around the clock by up to 500 Romanian prostitutes. There are competing groups of pimps from Romania. The business is very profitable – from each prostitute they have up to 200 euros per day. During a showdown that takes place on a weekly basis, Romanians launch firearms. Mafiosi are especially bold in the area of ​​the southern bus station in Madrid, where buses with immigrants arrive. The criminals dressed as the Spanish police take money and any valuable things from fellow citizens ”

Well, etc. in the same vein.

There is a story about the misfortunes of the French police. Here are the stories of witnesses. In the summer of 2001, a landing party of Romanian children aged 8 to 12 years landed in Paris. Young pickpockets went through excellent training and showed high skill in Paris. The police believe that the sensitive fingers of the children to the touch determine the value of the bill in the client’s wallet. And the clients, as a rule, are Japanese and American tourists: the Japanese, because they carry a lot of cash, the Americans, because American passports are highly quoted on the black market. By the way, not a single adult Romanian in the vicinity of Trocadero was watched by the police. Here only children operate. According to experts, each such small thief a day earned up to 25 thousand francs (about 4 thousand dollars). No one saw the children buy at least something edible or someone to feed them. If children are caught, the question arises: what to do next with them? Children pretend that in French there is no boom-boom (or maybe it really is). Children under 13 years old cannot be punished in France, their parents can be punished. But where are the parents?

Continue? I think enough. It seems that colleagues from The Sun are not exaggerating. The EU again ate something inedible. Meanwhile, new applicants are knocking on the door. And they all want to go to London, Paris and Madrid.

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