Pro-Russian politician arrested in Poland

The leader of the Polish pro-Russian Smena party, Mateusz Piskorski, is indeed detained. This information was confirmed in the prosecutor’s office of Poland.

The investigation in the Piskorsky case was conducted for several months, it was carried out by the department of the prosecutor’s office to combat organized crime.

An investigator from the National Security Agency of Poland stated that Piskorski acted to the detriment of the Polish state. However, it remains unclear whether the prosecutor’s office brought charges against Piskorsky and whether they involved espionage.

According to unofficial media reports, investigators from the prosecutor’s office and the Internal Security Agency were investigating Piskorsky’s activities in favor of China, as well as his ties to the Russian Federation.

The Polish Internal Security Agency detained the leader of the pro-Russian Smena party, Mateusz Piskorski. The special service conducted searches in the premises of the party and in the homes of its individual functionaries.

Piskorsky traveled as an observer to the so-called referenda in the Crimea and the Donbas, supports Russian aggression in Ukraine and is a frequent guest of the propaganda programs of Russian TV channels.

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