Merkel urged to leave with migrants

The leader of the Alternative for Germany party, Frauke Petry, called for the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The political force led by Petri is now the third most popular country. It is commonly called the “ultra-right,” and the main object of criticism from its members is the migration policy of the current German authorities.

Frauke Petri, leader of the Alternative for Germany party:

Petri said that the open door policy for migrants proclaimed by Merkel would provoke terrorist attacks in Germany, similar to what happened on November 13 in Paris. According to German authorities, only in November 180 thousand illegal immigrants, claiming refugee status, entered the country.

A German right-wing party is calling on Chancellor Angela Merkel to go, amid criticism of her handling of the migrant crisis.

Eurosceptic “Alternative for Germany” – or AfD – has described the government’s approach as causing “asylum chaos.”

The resignation call came during a party conference.

AfD co-leader Frauke Petry said Merkel is standing up and saying that she doesn’t know how many migrants will come to Germany. This is breaking her government mandate, Petry claimed, so she must resign.

It comes as EU leaders set their sights on signing a deal with Turkey in Brussels on Sunday. The agreement would offer Ankara cash and closer ties with Europe in return for help in stemming the flow of migrants.

Aware of a sense of desperation in Europe for a solution to a crisis that is tearing the bloc apart, following the arrival of close to a million people this year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been driving a hard bargain.

Diplomats have said the 28 states struggled through Saturday to agree a final offer.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is due to meet EU leaders for three hours from 1500 GMT.

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