Russians in Canada write Lavrov in his language

Representatives of the Russian diaspora in Canada were indignant at the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the “frantic representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora”.

Representatives of the Russian diaspora in Canada commented on the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that, during the government of Stephen Harper, Ottawa “has taken the course of blindly following the demands of the frenzied representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.” The appeal is published on the Canadians for Democracy in Russia – CDR Facebook page.

Mr. Lavrov,
We’re writing to you on behalf of the “rabid” Russian diaspora in Canada. And so that you could understand it better, we are going to say in the language your top-brass usually employs: watch out when you open your mouth.
Just because with the help of RosSotrudnichestvo your ministry created here a small gang, which is constantly bawling “Crimea is ours”, they by no means represent the opinion of all the Russians living in Canada. In fact the number of Russians in Canada, who disagree with the politics of today’s Russia, is very very big. Do you really think that hundreds of people who came out on the streets in support of Ukraine and waving its flag in big cities such as Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto etc., were all ethnic Ukrainians and Bandera followers? This is not the case… In reality, first of all, such protests were not only joined by Russians, but in many instances were organized by them. Second, we often stood there under the Ukrainian flag to show our support for Ukraine, because your officials did everything they could to usurp OUR democratic tri-colour flag, and turned it into a symbol of aggression and crime.
We would also like to tell you about a certain wonderful fact. In Canada we do have democracy based on the Westminster system. And you will be surprised even more, if you realize that our MPs represent the opinion not only of “rabid” Ukrainians, but also of “rabid” Russians, Baltic states communities, French and even of Anglo-Saxons, on whom your state propaganda constantly unleashes all kinds of dirt. The fact that we changed our government from Conservative to Liberal through an election only proves the existence of democracy in Canada. And the change of our PM from Harper to Trudeau is our own inter- Canadian matter. And if you honestly think, that our new government will completely stop listening to the voices of “rabid” people, whether Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Baltic States communities, French, Anglo-Saxons and all others, then you are under a delusion. 
We have a democracy here and we wish you to have it as well.

The resonant statement that outraged the Russian diaspora in Canada, Sergei Lavrov made on January 26 during the final press conference for 2015.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov cursed rudely at a joint press conference with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister in Moscow. The incident occurred at a time when Lavrov’s words were being translated into Arabic. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, believing that no one hears him, called someone a “moron.”

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