Mrs Europe 2012

Beauty contest for married women: beautiful and successful married women competed in Minsk for the title “Mrs. Europe”

The final of the “Mrs. Europe 2012” competition was held in Minsk, in which two dozen married beauties from different European countries participated. The contestants fought for the title of the most beautiful and noble Mrs.. We present our photo report from the event.

Participants arrived in Belarus a week ago. Among them are a businesswoman, public figures, successful entrepreneurs, models. In Belarus, they took part in a number of charity events.

Mrs. Europe is not just a beauty contest, but a socially significant event where women, despite their age and social status, can show by their own example that much can be achieved in life.

The final of the contest was held at the Palace of the Republic, the representative of Ukraine was chosen the best. However, as the participants themselves said, friendship won in this championship of mature beauty and grace.

Ukrainian Elena Mozoleva became “Mrs. Europe 2012”. The beauty walked around seventeen married ladies of the continent. In addition to the crown, the competition itself also brought home. Because, according to the rules, the right to organize the next contest in the queen’s country is added to the victory.

She is a lawyer, notary, and just beautiful. Elena says – her motto in life is “to be beautiful every day, because beauty has no days off.”

“In addition to my notarial activities, I was fond of creativity, manifestation from childhood and got into one of the first competitions that dragged me, and which led to this and to such a result,” the girl says.

Her latest achievement is the Mrs. Europe 2012 contest. It took place in Minsk and Elena was not equal. At the first stage, she immediately won the title of “Miss Grace”, and in the main standings – winning first place.

Mozoleva says – at the competition it was required to be not only beautiful, but also smart.

“I was preparing a report on my country, a report on charity and assistance in preventing violence against women and children – on domestic violence. I prepared and provided statistics – this is one of the main problems. This is not just a competition, this is a women’s forum,” says female.

The beauty contest lasted a whole week. All this time in her native Odessa, her eleven-year-old daughter was sick for her mother. Elena admits – her crown – in fact, an ordinary ornament without a single gem. But the beauty believes – most importantly in her victory – that the next competition will be held in her native Odessa.

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