Dutch call for the deportation of Putin’s daughter

Maria Putina, the daughter of the Russian president, on Wednesday became a target for the anger of the Dutch. There were calls to deport her from a family nest in the Netherlands, which she created with her Dutch boyfriend.

The mayor of Hilversum, where the bodies of victims of the disaster onboard MH17 will be brought for identification, demanded the expulsion of 29-year-old Maria, the eldest of two daughters of President Putin, who owns a penthouse apartment in a village near The Hague.

Twitter users called for a peaceful demonstration in the village of Voorschoten against the presence of Maria Putin.

“Ms. Putin has been said to have been in a relationship with Yorrit Faassen, 34, for at least 4 years. Allegedly, he has held senior positions at Gazprom and Stroytransgaz,” the newspaper writes, reporting that the second of these companies was US sanctions.

The newspaper returns to the words of the mayor of Hilversum, Peter Broerties. He called for the expulsion of Maria Putin in a radio interview, but later wrote on Twitter: “My mention of Putin’s daughter on Radio 1 was not a wise act. He created a feeling of powerlessness.”

Mayor Peter Broertes, speaking on Radio 1, demanded to expel the 29-year-old daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who lives in Vorshoten in the south of the Netherlands.

The Guardian reports that Mr. Broertes, however, almost immediately “came to his senses” and apologized for such a harsh statement on Twitter. The official wrote that he got excited, saying that Maria Putin and her family should be “thrown out of the country”. He explained that these words escaped from him because of the feeling of helplessness that he feels, like all Dutch, in connection with the disaster that claimed the lives of his fellow citizens.

It should be noted that, despite periodically appearing in the media information about the place of residence of Maria Putin, it was not officially confirmed that she actually lives with her friend in the Netherlands. Although, for example, the local publication De Telegraf once published pictures of the house where Mary’s apartment is supposedly located. Ukrainians living in the vicinity of Vorshoten have already announced that they intend to arrange a picket near the house.

Maria Putin is the eldest daughter of Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin. She was born on April 28, 1985, from 1986 to 1990 she lived in the GDR. Since the mid-2000s, he has permanently resided outside of Russia. According to De Telegraaf, as of the beginning of 2013, he lives in the Netherlands together with Dutch citizen Jorrit Faassen. Maria Putin very rarely appears in the company of her father, her photographs are practically not in the press.

Demands sounded after it became clear that she lives in Holland with her husband. Ukrainians also plan to hold a protest near her apartment.

Many accuse her father of the deaths of 193 citizens of the Netherlands.

So right now, Maria Putin’s relationship with her neighbors, who lives in a pleasant suburb of The Hague, should be very tense.

It is reported that Maria, 28, has been living in the Netherlands for several years with her 34-year-old Dutch partner, Jorrit Faassen, who holds a high position in a Russian consulting firm.

He owns a two-story penthouse in a chic and well-guarded quarter in Worschoten, located next to the idyllic canal.

Yesterday, anti-Putin activists from around the world posted the address of this penthouse on Twitter and called on the people of Holland to stage a protest outside.

One wrote: “Dear Dutch! If you want to visit Putin’s daughter, here’s the address. ” Another said: “The Dutch people can express their feelings about MH17. Turn to Maria Putin (Faassen). ”

Among the victims of the disaster were nine residents of The Hague, including a family of four, a local artist and newlyweds, who went on a trip on their honeymoon.

There was also a 17-year-old schoolgirl, Elsemiek de Borst, whose heartbroken father, Hans de Borst, spoke out about Putin’s involvement.

He said: “Putin’s Maria has nothing to do with this. However, her father is a very influential person, and I think it was in his power to send Russian troops to the site of the disaster to protect the bodies of the victims over the past few days. But he decided not to. Putin and other people involved – I have reason to believe that one of them is the killer of my child. Maybe indirectly, maybe unintentionally. But the separatists were able to get this weapon, and here is the result. “

Hilversum Mayor Peter Brertjes (Pieter Broertjes) demanded to deport Putin from the country yesterday in a radio interview.

He later apologized for his remarks, saying that his demands were “unreasonable,” and that they “gave rise to a sense of helplessness that many understand.”

It is believed that Mary lives either in Russia or in the Netherlands, and together with a friend remains a member of Putin’s inner circle.

It seems that she is trying to keep her distance in relations with her neighbors and with her father. They say that his subordinates reliably guard her and look after her.

They also say that Putin is so concerned about his daughter’s safety that he didn’t allow her to be published in adult media in the Russian media, and sent her to study at the university under a different name.

Her new enemies from social networks are unlikely to lessen Putin’s fears about her daughter’s safety.

No one answered the call to her apartment last night, and the neighbors did not want to talk about her. “Sorry, I can’t help you,” one of them said. “I don’t know who lives there, and I don’t want to give any comments.”

Local residents in the past claimed to have seen her father at a local supermarket, and one said that he had noticed a limousine with tinted windows in an underground parking lot. One resident ominously told a local reporter: “This family seems to be somehow dangerous.” Another said: “There are things that you better not know.”

They say that Maria married Faassen in the summer of 2009, but there are no official reports about this. He worked as a real estate specialist in Russian Gazprom, after which he was appointed in 2008 at the age of 28 as vice president of the Russian company Stroytransgaz.

According to the land registry, a year later Faassen began buying property in Vorschoten. He bought an apartment at a bargain price of 292,000 pounds, and now owns two more apartments in the same house. Today, these apartments cost approximately 545,000 pounds each.

The area where they live has a fairly apt name – “Krimviyk”, which means “Crimean quarter”.

They say that Faassen’s connections with Putin’s family did him a good job when a Mercedes belonging to the Russian banker Matvey Urin crashed into his BMW. Seven bodyguards of Urin dragged Faassen out of the car and beat him. However, the banker was later charged, imprisoned, and four out of five of his banks were denied a license.

Faassen left Stroytransgaz in 2010, and his last position, as far as is known, is the deputy chairman of the board of directors of the consulting company ACG MEF-Audit.

His apartment is located very close to The Hague City Hall, where grieving relatives and friends of the deceased make entries in the book of condolences.

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