Denmark is the most comfortable country in Europe

Denmark is recognized as the most comfortable country to live in Europe. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The organization’s specialists found that the Danes are the happiest Europeans, since in their homeland there is a fairly low unemployment rate, comfortable working conditions and high wages. Not the least role in shaping a positive attitude towards life is also played by the level of GDP per capita, which in Denmark is just over 68,000 dollars.

Finland came second in the ranking of comfortable countries, and the Netherlands came third. Sweden took the fourth position of this peculiar hit parade, and Ireland remained in fifth place. Also in the top list were Switzerland (seventh place), Norway (ninth place) and Belgium (tenth place).

Working on this study, the OECD interviewed residents of 140 countries. Respondents over the age of 15 should have answered several questions based on the results of the day they lived. In particular, the experts were interested in the survey participants: did they enjoy what they did during the past day, were they proud of any of their latest actions, did they learn something new and so on.

Such ratings are not only the OECD, but also non-governmental organizations and companies engaged in research in the field of social development and economics.

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