“Clear Sky” over the European Union

“Clear Skies” – this is the name of the joint project of the European Commission, enterprises of the European aircraft manufacturing industry and research institutes, the launch of which was announced in Brussels. Its goal is to reduce the negative impact of aviation on the environment. The program with a budget of 1.6 billion euros is designed for 7 years and will become the largest research project in its field

“Today, aeronautics makes up only about 3% of carbon dioxide emissions in the world,” said EC Commissioner for Science and Research Yanes Potochnik. “However, with the increase in the number of passengers, which increases by 5% annually, the level of emissions will increase in the coming decades. therefore, we must act now. “

One of the main strategic directions of the program will be the development of environmentally less harmful aviation technologies, which will allow by 2020 to reduce by 50% the volume of carbon dioxide emitted by airplanes into the atmosphere, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 80%, and also to reduce the noise produced by aircraft by half.

The European Commission expects that new technologies will be developed by 2010, which will enable us to begin in 2015 to create a new generation of aircraft – cleaner and less noisy.

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