Europe is gradually turning into Africa

The planet is gradually warming up. Over the past 20 years, temperatures in Europe have risen dramatically. If the attitude of people towards the Earth does not change, then already in 2030 we should expect temperatures of the order of +50. In this case, the heat will be from April to October. Winter will be short one month. And in the south of Europe in Spain and Italy we should expect the appearance of deserts. The temperature regime that was in the Moscow region will be in the Arkhangelsk region. All belts will shift by 1000-1500 km.

An unusually high temperature has settled in Germany. Not only people suffer from the heat, but the equipment also fails. German experts warn: Europeans will have to get used to this weather. About how residents of Germany are saved from the hot sun.

Berlin is literally languishing from the heat. For several days, the thermometer shows 38 degrees. Berlin newspapers are full of useful tips on how to escape from the heat. The most original of them is to go to the museum, since it is in the museums that you can only find the desired coolness now.

However, most Berliners seem to have preferred reservoirs and pools to museum coolness. In the last two days alone, 200,000 people have visited the outdoor pools in Berlin. This is more than for the whole of July 2009. I can testify that there were so many people in the pools that no water was visible between the swimmers. There were also many vacationers on the large Berlin lakes. More than 10 thousand people gathered on Lake Wannsee. They bathed in Berlin itself, right in the Spree River, although this is prohibited due to the high level of water pollution.

Not only people suffer from heat, but also equipment. In Berlin trains, air conditioners massively fail. And in such a heat, a trip in a hot car turns into a real nightmare. In some cases, due to a breakdown in ventilation, the temperature in the cars reached 50 degrees. But the most important thing is that German experts warn – this is only the beginning. By the middle of this century in Germany, as in other European countries, a heat of 40 degrees can become the norm. And at the end of this century, 50 degrees of heat can become the norm.

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