Incident of journalists from the RF and Germany: in a network laugh at the russian woman

The network was ridiculed by the Russian film crew and journalist Olga Skabeyeva, who during an interview provoked the journalist of the German television channel ARD, Hajo Seppelt, the author of the scandalous investigation of doping in Russia.

Users leave comments about Skabeyeva on the page of Russian journalist Oleg Kashin on Facebook.

“I can understand the surprise of a German journalist who agreed to a conversation on the topic, and the lady in red for some reason began to tell him about her patriotic feelings. In addition, she did everything to provoke him to scandal. I can’t judge her professional qualities, like a journalist, but she’s a first-rate provocateur, ”writes Svetlana Doiron.

“The film crew doesn’t understand that when they tried to lower this German, they lowered themselves below the baseboard? They run after the journalist and scream that they are being followed. They are shown the door in a good way, they ignore it, and when they push it out in a bad way begin to resent. Some shame, “- Natalya Khomutova is indignant.

“He is absolutely right. After it became clear that this lady had one goal to” whitewash the country, “there was nothing to talk about. But it’s annoying what !! How many times a person has to say” come on, goodbye, what would the Russian ” The journalist “realized that her presence was undesirable?”, asks Michael Bernadsky.

“But did the VGTRK have any journalists left?” German Markin laughs.

Skabeeva tried many times to get Seppelt out of herself with questions like – did they pay him bribes, why did he want to prove that Russian President Vladimir Putin is bad. As a result, the angry German journalist said that she was stupid, threw the microphone out the door of the room where the conversation was taking place, and also demanded to remove the footage.

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