Hungary will remain a European country, Hungarians are not going to live with Muslims

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that in Hungary there should be no parallel Muslim culture and society. According to the prime minister, the time has come to stop, because Brussels’ migration policy is a complete failure.

And people in Europe are extremely unhappy with the influx of migrants from the Muslim countries of the Middle East.

Orban noted that there will be no integration of Islam in Hungary, as is the case in other European countries, Hungary has been and remains a Christian country, and this is exactly what the entire Hungarian people want, and it is time for politicians to listen to their peoples.

Orban is criticized because of his tough stance on migrants, because Hungary erected powerful fortifications on the border with Serbia, but the prime minister noted that he has nothing against migrants, but they have no place in Hungary. “We will not succumb to external pressure to change our current cultural patterns,” said Orban, adding that Hungarians have the right to live as they think, and not as Brussels wants.

Refugees from Syria can slowly ruin the entire European Union. Such concerns were voiced by Austrian Chancellor Werner Faiman. According to the politician, measures to block the individual borders of the EU countries, such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, may lead to this. These states said they were afraid of becoming a buffer zone for visitors.

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